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Blog Banter 40: Why I am not Around Much

So yeah, it’s been a minute.  A lot of things have gone on, both good and bad, in real life.  The short short version is I’ve unsubscribed for a short list of reasons, but believe me I’ll be watching EvE and rejoining the Greatest Gaming Community at some point in the future.

On to the Banter

There is no finer spectacle in the universe of EVE Online than the explosive dance of weapon-laden spaceships in combat. The yearly Alliance Tournament is the jewel in EVE Online’s eSports crown and the upcoming New Eden Open should deliver the same gladiatorial entertainment showcase.

Given the scope of the sandbox, what part should eSports play in EVE Online and what other formats could provide internet spaceship entertainment for spectators and participants alike?

eSports is one of those fads that looks to be hanging around.  Frankly I think it’s GREAT for gaming as a whole.  EvE Online is not gaming as a whole.  EvE Online is such a Balkanized, Byzantine mess of politics and backstabbing that, frankly, I think EvE-like should replace both of those adjectives.  This doesn’t mix well with eSports.  The greatest alliance tournament matches for most of the community to watch were things like Star Fraction disassembling BOB, the last match at AT IX, the games where the meta game didn’t so much peek through as much as it came SCREAMING TO THE FOREFRONT with the presumptive level playing field crying limply from the meta games’ bloody jaws.

The problem is if you want to attract sponsors they want to know things are above board.  They want a presumption of fairness and equality.  They don’t want EvE, they want EvE-light.  They want a clean, pure version of a game that revels in muck and wallows in filth.  EvE isn’t about what happens in space ships.  It’s about what happens in smokey (chat) rooms, it’s about what happens between the lines, in E-mails and EvE mails, in skype calls and phone calls, on TS and Vent, battles are won and lost in-game.  Wars are won offline.  In tournaments individual matches CAN be won in-game, but most were decided long before the ships start moving.

Now I’m not saying EvE doesn’t need some sort of Arena, but I am saying that creating one and holding it up as “THIS is EVE ONLINE!” is disingenuous at best, and even misses the point of the game; although it certainly would be interesting to see a rise of currently unaffiliated “factions” all about battling it out in a “meta-enabled” gladiatorial arena, this approach seems to not be held in favor by CCP, likely as they feel it would not be nearly as appealing to sponsors.  Because surely there’s never been a major arena based organization with blatantly unfair matches, frequently scripted events and stoylines so complex the writers from Dallas started taking notes.

Wait, what’s that?  It’s the Undertaker’s music!

With apologies to Bill Simmons

Wouldn’t it be great to have arena matches that represented EvE?  Not some idealized version of the same system.  Actual EvE.  Backstabbing, plotting, treachery and sudden swift strikes completely upsetting the carefully prepared odds books?  I’d love it.

P.S. I will be posting more here, about gaming in general, both table top and online.

P.P.S. Orakkus and James 315 better be getting spots on the blog pack soon.  Sadly it looks like there will soon be quite a few openings.

P.P.P.S. congrats to Roc for getting EvE and gaming in general some great press.  I may not like his blog too much and have even attacked him a time or two, but credit where it is due, he has made EvE look better this week.

I’m using it every time I can


So this is my 200th blog post.  Ever.  Hopefully it will be my first that shows up on the new and improved EvE Blog Pack as I seem to not be on the RSS feed just yet.  Or it’s buggy.  Looks weird.  As opposed to Ripard Teg who seems to crank that out on a slow week.

I’m going to do two things.  One:  Talk a little about who I am as a person, not just an EvE player.  Two: List of my favorite blog posts.

Bet that weeded out a lot of people.

So first lets talk a bit about Dan.  Not Corelin.

I’m 31, an Army Vet of two trips to Iraq.  I’m an accounting student I grew up in Florida and choose to live in the midwest because FUCK Florida.  You have to live there to get it but the people in Iowa are just better than the people in Florida.  I help those I can, and yeah I’m a bit of a white knight.  At the same time I have little sympathy for those who put themselves in bad situations through a series of their own choices.   I am a soldier, I am a feminist, I am a supporter not of better treatment for some but of equal treatment for all.  Equality.  This is what brings me to EvE.  Here I have gained every advantage I currently have by my own efforts.  Here I can punish stupidity and still help people.  Here I get to judge, I get to do things that, while satisfying, I’d never want to do in the real world.  I PvP.  I’ve ganked, I’ve decced, I’ve blobbed, I’ve baited, and I’ve roamed.  I’ve also mined, missioned, plexed and incursioned.  I’m not an expert at any of these by the way, and my friends will tell you that they can be as surprised at the breadth of my knowledge as they are aghast at the shallowness of it at times.  I think with my heart as much as my head and it leads me to mistakes.  Some of those hurt few, and some hurt many.

This brings me, rather neatly, to my blog, which  has seen a few of these, from Mea Culpas to attacks on people who didn’t deserve them. It has seen me hit milestone after milestone as I struggled at first to find a voice and someone to listen to it; as I struggled to write coherently despite the best efforts of friends and editors; as I got my first really big breakthrough from Mord Fiddle, and then from Ripard Teg and started to build my own audience and following.  Now I’ve hit the last of my original goals.  As a newly-minted member of the EvE Blog Pack (Clinging on to the #30 spot) I feel victorious, humble, and proud all at once.  So before I look back at the last 200, I want to look forward to what I’ll be doing here.

I will be pushing to break down the hate speech, and rape culture that I feel is a very serious problem in EvE.  I won’t be preaching too much, but I will make an effort to call out blatantly stupid acts that hurt the playerbase.

I will make an effort to comment on the aspects of PvP as I see it, as a CEO of a somewhat successful PvP corp that has the worst luck EVER when it comes to alliances.

I will talk about leadership.  What it takes to lead, how to lead, how to manage, and how to measure your efforts and those of your pilots.

I will probably recruit other writers to talk about EvE and the issues I have in and out of game.

I will try to recapture some of the madcap episodes that so characterized my early times in Fancy Hats.

I will cover the big issues I know how.  I can talk about the CSM because I know what a good advisory board is.  I can’t talk much about Titans because as far as I know they are mobile stargates that can ruin my carrier FAST.

Now for the fun part.  My top 10 “Gud Poasts” I want you to read:

1.  Sexism in EvE Online – Fucking Read It!

2.  Assumption of Risk – This is part of EvE gents.

3.  Doomsday Clock – Sums up a lot of my coverage of events leading to last years layoffs

4.  Dread Empires Fall – Morbid Musings of a fun sightseeing trip.

5.  Things You Should Know About  Empire Wars Edition – Some not awful advice for budding PvPers getting their first wardec notice.  I’ll be hitting this one again soon 😀

6.  Alliances Cause Stupidity in Lab Rats – SCIENCE BITCHES!

7.  HOLY FLEURKING SCHNIT / It’s a Trap! – Because I’ve still killed so few caps that I blog about it 2 out of 3 times it has happened.  (Terribad Video for the other one HERE)

8.  MMO Players Bill of Rights – In light of Mittani Gate isn’t this MORE important?

9. How is You being Dumb MY Fault – Seriously if you are whining about an unfair fight you should have planned better.

10.  A Short History of Corelin – The whole thing.  I may have lied about 10 posts.  Things like that happen in EvE.

To those of you still reading at the bottom of this long, meandering, and only loosely connected to EvE post, thank you.  My readers are why I keep this blog up (that and my ego) and I thank you for the time you put into coming here.  I thank you for your comments which inspire me to write a better blog and to think and respond meaningfully.

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I'm using it every time I can