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Quickie: In character even!

Corelin slipped through his old haunt, Tash-Murkon Prime.  Systems on his trusty Ishkur poking for loose cans.  Finding one he spins into warp and dives into the belt where Greyscale’s hulk waited.  Happily chugging ore into jetcans.

Undaunted Corelin starts transferring ore and calling in corp for haulers for the rich bounty.  “Mining is easy” he thought “Just get other people to do it for you.  It’s not even boring!”  Suddenly his overview lit up.  Dozens of ships warped in and started pointing and webbing the tiny ishkur.  Greyscale opened comms.

“You’ve done it now Mr. Haberdasher.  I’ve made it so everyone in EvE can shoot you for 15 minutes!”
“Do you expect me to fight all of EvE?”
“Why no, Mr. Haberdasher.  I expect you to die!”

And on cue the guns of the dozens of denizens of TMP opened fire.  The ishkur disintegrated, vomiting forth it’s pod.

Corelin started in his pod, waking from the most dreadful dream.  I hope.

I'm using it every time I can



Most MMOs have some sort of RP community.  EvE is no exception.

Everyone plays EvE with some expectation of enjoyment, whether from “fun” or “accomplishment” or whatever source they expect.  To some extent we all engage in a certain detachment from reality to play EvE.  We hold different morals, we take part in actions that would otherwise be impossible for us.

The RP Community tends to stretch things a little farther.  The folks I’m most familiar with are Mike Azariah, the unlamented Aralis,  Tech 4 news, and the Arek’Jaalan project.  Mike has a very entertaining blog called “A Missioner in EvE” where he writes from the standpoint of his main and puts a summary at the bottom for those (like me) that don’t want to work our brain muscles out to get the point.  It seems to me that Mike has a solid grasp of the game and understands that his narrative is subsumed in the greater narrative “written” by other players and he takes reverses to it in stride.  For example the BTL split and logi griefing in incursions.

This stands in stark contrast to Aralis who seemed more and more disconnected from EvE as time went on.  He could not adjust to the fact that he did not define the narrative and that things would not automatically go in the course he wanted them to happen.  As such he drove CVA into the ground repeatedly and refused to act even in his own interests until finally resigning in disgust at what “had been done to EvE” and how unfair it was to him.

Tech 4 news is a group of people who report on a plethora of issues in an in-game format.  Unlike the EvE Tribune or EN24, they stay in character and report on issues that the in-game media would cover, including out of game issues that provide some (non-canonical) insight into the universe of New Eden.  They write entertainingly and are worth checking out.

The Arek’Jaalan project might be the most amusing and serious of the groups to me.  Their Project Compass was an attempt to map Wormhole Space relative to the known New Eden cluster.  I find this amusing because they were doing some serious math  to get this information.  Sadly CCP changed how certain mechanics work to make their task impossible using those methods.  They took it in stride and are adapting.  I find it serious because the long-term result of all this could be staggering.  Currently the EvE Universe covers ~8500 light years on a plane.  This gives a radius of ~50 light years.  Assuming it’s a circle and giving me a decent margin of error.  The wormhole cluster (according to the information AJ gathered) was indicating 1250 or so light years away.  Some smuggler stargates can cover excessively long distance, but even if they stretch them to 25 light years / gate, that is 50 jumps one way.  That’s a long way.

Eventually New Eden will be expanded again, with new regions added, and possibly changes to the current ones.  Someday there may be mechanics to explore non-wormhole areas that you could build your own gate in, and develop your own regions.  Back in 2009 there were talks about this, and plans about this.  Not in any detail I’m guessing, but certainly at some level.  Imagine some day being able to expand new eden all the way out the wormhole cluster, maybe even beyond.  I think it would be cool, even if it started with a a bunch of lolrpers.

I'm using it every time I can


“No I don’t care how much it costs.  I’ve been doing this for 4 years now, I’m not going to worry about the damn kredits this time!” Corelin “shouted” from the depths of his pod to the agent deep in Caldari space.  “Find out what’s on those lists, get it and have it delivered to Motsu station… the one you are in… by tonight!”  Ending the call Corelin relaxed his mind and body as much as he could in his capsule.  He could have decanted into his quarters in station, but it seemed alien and unnatural after all these years.  While he did step out once in a while, for the sake of variety as much as anything, he barely felt human.

A stable of ships hovered nearby, a sinister looking Devoter dominated the view, being the currently selected ship.  A brief mental command moved a different ship.  A humble Badger Mk II to the front of the queue, the Devoter drifting back against a dock further away.  One of the capsuleer’s text channels pulsed urgently as Corelin boarded the Badger and requested permission to undock.

“Corelin what’s this about you wasting a ton of isk?  I didn’t think think you went in for that sort of thing?”

“I don’t Vorg, but this is different.  I’ve had a good year even if the wallet doesn’t show it now, and anyway it’s the right thing to do.  We may not ALWAYS do it but it needs to be done,”

“Well, ok buddy,  but you know you’ve got a lot better things to spend the kredits on!”

“I hear ya, but trust me, it’s the right thing to do,”

The Badger jumped out of lowsec, and started the long flight to Motsu.  Scans in Niarja and Madirmilire by the lurking suicide gankers revealed an empty badger… fit for can baiting.  As the ship passed Kaaputenen the contracts display blinked up.  A long, long list, clothing, holo tablets loaded with books and instructional videos, food, medicine, tools, toys, repair materials, one entry was incongruous enough to raise Corelin’s eyebrow even in the normally static pod fluid.

In Motsu an agent’s comm panel buzzed urgently.

“10 cases of ‘Minmatart FTW’ posters?  This is supposed to be a charity event to kids on Waira IV, what the heck do they need fourteen hundred posters for?” ‘yelled’ Corelin.

“Hey boss you called me, told me to order everything on the list.  I ordered it, I’m not gonna miss out on something just because it’s weird.”  Said the agent.  “If you don’t want ’em, sell ’em.”

The agent ended the conversation and Corelin stewed in his pod fluid until the Badger docked.  In Motsu he decanted, and headed straight for the medbay.  The shots a capsuleer has to take to interact with people are painful, and the sensory blockers prevent him from flying, sometimes for weeks, but some things can’t be done by Neocom.  All the shots but a few were complete and Corelin’s pale arm was marked with dozens of needle marks by the time he walked out.  The last few shots were loaded into hypo canisters for when he landed on Waira.

Groggy and sore he went down to the hangar, loading all the crates himself onto pallets he sent the lifters to the Badger.  That task done he walked back into the gantries to re-board his pod and start the final leg of his journey.

On Waira a comm panel in a school house buzzed raucously.  A young woman keyed it “Yes?”

“Hey baby sis.  You can take down the list for your kids.  I’ve covered it, AND I’ve got the materials your school and Hab dome needs for repairs after the flooding.  Oh and find out why your kids need so many Minmatart posters would you?”

Happy Holidays.