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So Who is Corelin

Hi, I’m Corelin.  I’m a gaming persona that was built up over years.  I’m sarcastic and bitter.  I’m savage and insightful.  I’m brutal and cruel.  I’m compassionate and caring.  I’m a courageous leader.  I’m a back bench back stabber.  I love filling the skill roles.  I hate responsibility.

I almost always end up in leadership.  I hate seeing things done badly and my sarcasm usually results in the “WELL WHY DON’T YOU SEE IF YOU CAN DO BETTER” and I usually manage it.  Not always, and never perfectly, but I do.  I play EvE.  LotRO.  WoW.  LoL.  FF XIV.  I FC.  I tank.  I Heal (badly).  I rarely back down from a challenge and if I leap to accept you had better ask who really challenged who.

I’m not Machiavellian but I do like my clever ruses.  Still and all I tend to stick to the simplest plan that will be effective.  Multiple converging strikes look great on notebook paper and history books but rarely work in a game.

Currently I’m doing two things I never thought I’d do.  Play WoW as a raider (first raid tomorrow night) and main a Shaman.  An Enhancement Shaman at that.  Raiding requires at least a casually intense gaming schedule, and Shaman… Shamans are weird.

Right now I’m geared up to where I can basically spend a couple nights a week on maintaining readiness (dailies and such) and a night or two a week raiding.  I have a spot as DPS which is… weird.  In FF I tanked, in LotRO I was usually doing small enough content that I did whatever.  Enhancement is a very interesting spec.  It has lots of little windows for good but not great burst damage, and they come at random times.  Sometimes you go on a drought where your cooldowns are staring at you like “USE ME” and there’s just no procs to use them on.  Sometimes the procs are coming so fast all the cooldowns are gone and you’re still doing good DPS.  I don’t really like how random it is at time.  On the other hand there’s so little ramp up time it’s very handy for add phases and any time I need to swap damage.  It’s like an instalock BC in EvE with no drones.  All my damage just starts hitting the other guy.  Now getting it on the right guy is the fun part of that “Ballet” I used to talk about raids being.  Expect more on that later.  For now, expect some activity from the blog.  Maybe even some screenies.