Space Marine Tanks and You

So I’m going to write this article on something near and dear to my heart.  Big, nasty, heavy armor and what I think about it in 8th edition.  First I’m going to talk about the classifications of armor; which should give you a glimpse into how I think of them in my head.  There’s 4 classifications that I think matter in 40k.

  1. Tanks – Predators, Vindicators.  Vehicles designed first, last, and always to do the damage.
  2. APC (Armored Personnel Carriers) – Rhinos.  Vehicles designed to transport troops primarily, with minimal armament.
  3. IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) – Tanks that can carry troops (Land Raider, Repulsor) or APCs that carry big guns (Razorbacks).  These really blur a lot of lines, and the Repulsor in particular just does everything, while the Land Raider has the best armor of any tank in the index.
  4. Artillery – Hi whirlwind.  We see you in the corner, you’re a very pretty girl and we probably won’t be seeing you this edition either.

Tanks can usually be built to murder infantry of some type, or armor.  APCs have pretty limited, but useful firepower, IFVs usually have one big weapon system, but again for the marines the Land Raider has a powerful set of weapon mixes, while the Repulsor has a choice between an insane amount of anti infantry firepower or an equally ludicrous number of lascannon shots.  Artillery tends to have one huge gun, that can pound the hell out of an area, although in this edition it generally just means whacking one unit.

It’s also important to note the characteristics of the units they operate with.  Tanks are self-contained.  To do what they do, they don’t need another unit.  APCs always operate with troops, and IFVs nearly so.  Let’s look at a Razorback working with an anti-tank devastator squad.  Assuming you want to hug up on them to move them later in the game you want to pick weapons that compliment the devastators.  Let’s say you went lazy and picked 4 lascannons.  Well they sure don’t want infantry coming close so you pick a twin linked assault cannon to deal with hordes or even light vehicles that try to swarm up on you.  IFVs role is defined as much by what it’s supporting as what you want it to do in and of itself.  Tanks are defined by what you want them to do, 100%.

All of these vehicles are TOUGH.  T7, 10 wounds for a Rhino or Razorback, with a 3+ save.  T7 11 wounds 3+ for the predator, T8, 16 wounds(!) and 2+ for the Land Raider.  The repulsor is (I believe) T8, 16 wounds, 3+.  It will take a LOT of shots to crack open a tank, even a lascannon will require multiple shots to kill a lowly rhino.  Forget a Land Raider, that’s something you will struggle to crack in a single turn, or even two, unless you really go all in on anti-armor.  At which point you have to worry about what is IN the Land Raider.

So what about the Rhino.


I’ve actually painted it more I just haven’t got a good picture!

Well I kit mine with dual Storm Bolters.  Rapid Fire 2 means they roll a respectable 4 attacks at close range, they can pick up, drop off, or rescue squads, move them across the battlefield, and even provide a couple extra dice of shooting.  Now let me emphasize rescue.  Got a squad down to 1 or 2 guys?  Don’t want to give up a victory point?  Pop them back in the rhino.  You can even do this with multiple squads because you don’t have to worry about only having one unit in there.  Rescue work is a great role for these vehicles because it’s so much harder to crack them, and you can run back to a building and drop the troops off someplace safe without sacrificing too much firepower.


This is like, 1/4 of a picture I took with a phone…. that’s insane

The Razorback can do all that and provide some great single-role firepower.  Twin lascannon, Twin Heavy Bolter, or better yet, assault cannon, give you a great choice between vehicle killing and killing lots of infantry.  I love razorbacks and plan on mounting as many squads as I can in the little bastards.  I have 3 and plan on getting 4 more AT LEAST.


I promise a better picture soon!

Predators are simply great.  The local Warhammer store can’t keep them in stock, Mayhem down the way can’t either.  I love the autocannon and lascannon loadout, and plan on eventually getting more.  They can sit back, ideally someplace well supported by characters, and just shoot, shoot, shoot.

Land Raider


Land Raiders are all stars.  INCREDIBLY threatening with between 24 and 36 anti infantry shots (12 of which can threaten vehicles to a fair extent at S6 Ap-1) as well as the practically obligatory multi-melta, it demands to be shot at.  Oh and it’s T8 with 16 wounds and a 2+ so good luck shooting it.  Godhammers bring 4(!) lascannons, and twin linked heavy bolters, making it a superb vehicle killer, with the firepower of a devastator squad and the staying power of, well, the heaviest tank of the Space Marines.  Finally the Redeemer is the odd man out.  It’s definitely the weakest of the Land Raiders but, two Redeemer flamethrowers at S6, AP -2 D2 is… very impressive damage against MEQs and even TEQs.  What pushes them over the top, again, is command bubbles.  Any kind of re-roll or invuln save makes it practically unfair.  Azrael, btw, does both.

So let’s wrap up by talking a bit more about the kind of support.  Obviously any chapter master letting you re-roll any to-hit is great, or even a captain letting you re-roll 1s (half your misses) is fantastic.  Lieutenants let you re-roll 1s to wound.  Believe me I’ll be getting some *GLARES ANGRILY AT HIS CRUSADER’S MULTI MELTA* which might be even better than re-rolling to-hits as there’s more failed wound rolls than hit rolls in general.

Finally, someone needs to bang out the dents these monsters pick up over time.  Techmarines can pick up D3 wounds on a single vehicle/turn.  If you are committed to bringing a lot of armor, having this guy running around in the bubble, especially the bubble of someone like Azrael, banging out dents, can make an armor-heavy list simply unpleasant to play against.

So now you know what the vehicles are, what they can do, and how to make them do it better if you want to go all in.  Go forth brother, and smash your foe in the name of the Emperor!


Quit Whining About Your Dice

We play games to have fun.  Those of us playing 40k are playing giant superhuman Space Marines, twisted Chaos daemons, hordes of Solid Guardsmen and Tanks.  Sneaky Eldar, Tough Orks, what have you.  Either way the army you play is generally built of tough, mean, fantastically well armed individuals.  Or at least a lot of guardsmen.

So why are you whining about your dice?  No one wants to hear it, and dwelling on it will only make you feel worse.  Last week my dice were all over.  I missed 3 shooting attacks all game.  Partially because I abused re-roll bubbles but also because my dice were “hot” for that.  Wounds?  Oy gevalt…. my multi melta was apparently in operation making burritos for the Crusader’s crew, and the las cannons were under 50%.  Did I whine about it?  No.  Did I whine about my awful armor saves?  No.  Did my opponent whine about his awful morale checks or his dreadnoughts inability to score wounds?  No.

And we had fun!  Me a bit more than him because my army was a brick of medium cheddar and I was stomping him due to the scenario; but we both had fun!  We got to roll dice, he got to hammer away at my tanks (splitting his fire a bit too much).  On the other hand, another game I was watching featured a player who bemoaned every casualty as if she had to drop the miniature into a fire.  Every missed shot was money she had to pay for ammunition.  Her opponent was actually getting thoroughly stomped but reality didn’t penetrate her bubble of misery until the last turn when she was able to finish tabling her opponent and pack up in smug silence.

Sportsmanship matters and complaining about dice is about as bad as it gets without getting into actual cheating.

Here’s my take on cursing your dice.  If your whole game comes out to one dice roll, your plan failed.  You shouldn’t be rolling one dice to save your army, you should be rolling ten and only needing one to get through.  You want to roll as many dice as you can on your turn, to force your opponent to roll as many as possible.  Conversely you want to roll as few as possible on your opponent’s turn, because nothing good can happen then. Focusing on one super unit doesn’t tend to work well because one unit isn’t that hard to counter.  Having lots of dice coming from different units lets you have worse-than-average luck and still get results. So quit whining about your dice and roll a few more!

Konor Missions, Steering the Narrative

So the Fate of Konor is being decided ahead of time.  Week one’s mission featured rules that basically required the attacker to table the enemy given the length of the battle and the lethality of fire in 8th.  Week one was doomed to be an Imperial victory, even without factoring the number of Imperial players compared to Chaos.

Week two is a bit more interesting.  There’s still a couple fingers on the scale, Chaos gets the mission advantage with what amounts to a free victory point.  However the majority of games will field Imperials vs (Xenos/Chaos/Other Imperials) where there will be far fewer games featuring Chaos armies.  This amounts to a fundamental shift towards Imperials just due to them scoring more points, even if their win rate isn’t quite as good.  Winning games against other Imperials still nets the Imperials a win, and losing to a Xenos player might subtract a point from Chaos depending on how the Xenos player logs it.

So the Imperium is going to get a fair number of wins just by having the most players.  By a lot.  Because GW pimps them all the time.  By having them win all the events.  So there’s more of them.  Which results in… do I have to go on?

So GW can decide from Week to week how things will be decided just by changing the mission a bit, or by giving one side better stratagems than the other.  I think they actually tried this week 1, with the attacker having a great stratagem, cheap, very useful, and fitting the scenario, where the defenders had an expensive one that was extremely unreliable and situational.  There was also a great week 1 stratagem that both sides had access to, improving the bubbles that leaders have.  However the scenario was simply too unbalanced for a stratagem to bring it back into balance.

This week there’s good stratagems for both sides, but the attacker has the advantage there, while the defender has a worse power, but a free VP unless they just get stomped, and if they get stomped, well, who cares about the scenario.

So GW can influence the winner of any given planet, and has a definite desire to see the Imperium win to keep the majority of players happy.  Not the largest faction, the majority.  I expect GW will fiddle to make sure most of Konor stays safe, while ensuring that if things look bad in weeks 6 and 7 I expect we’ll see missions as unbalanced as last week.

Anyway, my plan for this week is 2k points, going to try to dominate the center of the field, the next weeks is all about tanks.  *muahahahahaha* rubs hands together.  I may expand to 2500 points.  I may go to 1500, depends on who I am fighting.

The week following I am going to try to work with the LGS to play on a non-league night as league nights (Sun and Mon) overlap the eclipse, that I’ll be travelling for.  I also need to paint Zeke and have him handy for my week 4 army.  Week 5 has fast attack.  I’ve more or less decided to paint the Darkshroud, but I may have some inceptors as well to try out.  I’m really looking forward to mixing them into my army.

The last week is the knight.  Man that’s going to be rough.  I’m going to get it ready to paint over next week, then break out the airbrush for the big bits, but there’s still a LOT of details, and only so much nuln oil.  Also, need to learn to magnetize.  Sigh.

The Dreaded Empire State Formation

So I’m a bit of an old skool gamer.  I’ve played many a wargame, spanning many an era, and seen many an argument get made over and over and over.  One of the longest run arguments I’ve seen was/is for a game called Starfire.  Fleets in starfire tended to run in one massive stack, with only minimal scouts detached.  This was the dreaded Empire State Formation (ESF).  It has been a problem in Starfire from the beginning, and it continues to be one today as far as I know.

What does this have to do with 40k you ask?  Everything.  I’m going to take an extreme example, but it’s one I’ve already put into play on the tabletop.  Azrael.  Azrael is on about a 1″ base.  This makes his 6″ auras actually about 6 1/2 inches.  One of his auras covers whole units with even one model in the area.  This is the re rolls on to-hit rolls.  He also has a 6″ 4+ invuln aura for every model in that area.  So you want to pile a bunch of important models in super close to the Supreme Master of the Dark Angels.  Meanwhile you want as many units as possible to have at least one model in 6″ of him.  In previous editions the solution to this was pie-plates.  Big templates of high damage weapons that would murder the shit out of an Empire State formation.

Pie plates are no longer a thing.  The formation remains.  What makes it crazier is you can layer them.  I can take a Lieutenant, which allows re-rolls on to-wound rolls, I can add a Darkshroud which gives a -1 on to-hit rolls aimed at me, and layer ALL of this (although the base of the Dark Shroud will be a problem) on a couple units, while still getting at least Azrael and the Lieutenant on a wide area, with a smaller, more important set of units getting potentially all four bonuses, two from Azrael, one from the LT, one from the Darkshroud.   This tends to mean that battles that don’t feature large numbers of objectives, requiring the army to spread apart, devolve into death stars like this dominating the battlefield.

As previously hinted at, objectives are the major deterrent to the ESF.  This matters far more in claim and count objectives where you have to get there first to get the points, and rather less when objectives go to whoever holds them at the end of the game.  Unless there’s an element of “sudden death” to claiming objectives to create urgency in getting there first, there really isn’t a lot of discouragement to towering up and dominating the first 3 or 4 turns, before the tower shatters to chase objectives at the end, or hangs together in order to finish tabling the enemy.

The downside of this is with enough terrain on the table, someone who doesn’t tower up will risk defeat in detail by having a small portion of their army getting dakka’d to death, while other elements can’t even get effective fire on the small footprint the other army takes up.  This forces you to look very hard at how you can build your own Tower of Power, and dueling ESFs is just dull, dull, dull.

The nice thing so far is that it’s hard to bubble wrap these.  You want vehicles and infantry with lots of firepower, but they are vulnerable to assault.  Even weak melee units can tie up vehicles that don’t have an effective ablative layer of troops screening them from close assaults.  Were I to try to crack one of these formations I would put a good bit of effort into getting troops in melee with vehicles to degrade the shooting coming out while eliminating vehicles as best as I could, or anything that has fallen out of protective auras.

All in all it’s interesting to see that GW has fallen into a trap that has been plaguing other games for decades.  It’s not as prevalent a problem as it was in Starfire; because there are mitigating factors inherent in 40k.  You do still have a balance being sought, and I expect to see a lot of updates trying to pry apart the formation through rules changes to make the game more tactical rather than just building a better wrecking ball.

Victory for the First!

Yesterday was a banner day for the sons of the Lion.  I did a LOT of painting, finishing a Predator and getting a Razorback tabletop ready.  The Predator needs just a bit of touch up and the Razorback needs a bit more detail work, touch up and then they are both done.  Vehicle wise this leaves me with 2 more Razorbacks, a Rhino, a Land Raider, a Land Speeder, a Land Speeder Dark Shroud, and a Dreadnought.  The Rhino will be relatively simple, but I plan on ordering some vinyl stencils to add some designs to it without trying my freehand skills.

Hobby wise this leaves me with about 1/3 of my marines painted, about the same percentage of vehicles, but none of my terminators or bikes are painted.  My goal tomorrow is to paint the Terminators to at least tabletop standards if not “Complete”.


Yeah, my Freehand game is weak.

So let me define these terms a bit, because everyone seems to have different definitions of the terms.  Tabletop ready means all major details (weapons, eyes, major insignia) are painted, 3 color minimum, no repair painting needed to fix glaring mistakes and at least a quick wash.  Complete means all details painted, washes and highlights, transfers applied, ready to be/already varnished.  Done done.

I have 12 or so terminators to do.  I have to have at least 5 ready to go for next week’s Fate of Konor battle (theme next week is Elites).  Being Dark Angels I can take mixed squads which I’ll probably take advantage of just because I don’t like the sergeant with his face exposed.  It’s a veteran thing.  Wear your damn helmet.  I’m probably doing assault cannon, two bolter terminators, two thunder hammer/storm shield guys, and one with lightning claws.  That gives me at least one guy to swap out if next week’s Konor battle uses Power Level.  If they use points it gives me 6 guys to drop on the table / pour out of my land raider.

Speaking of the Land Raider, let’s talk about this weeks MVP in the Fate of Konor campaign.  This week was the battle for Astaramis with a scenario written to give the Imperials a pretty sizeable advantage.  Basically the Imperials deploy on half the table, Xenos/Chaos forces deploy 12″ away and score by moving a unit into the Imperial deployment zone.  Imperials score by killing units.  8th is absolutely lethal, so killing 1/2 the enemy force (and ideally their warlord) means the Imperials are going to win.  The attackers did get a nifty stratagem this week that lets them advance and charge, letting them deliver charges from a really long range, but it didn’t really factor much into my battle.

So I matched up with a guy who plays both at Mayhem and the local Warhammer store, I haven’t played him yet, and I haven’t played necrons in forever.  Deployment was pretty standard.  He went really wide, assault troops on one side, his bike equivalents on the other side, big blob of warriors in the center, and his dreadnought backing them up.

I death bubbled around Azrael with a tac squad, Autocannon/Lascannon Predator, Lazorback, And Land Raider Crusader.  Frankly, this was cheddar.  Not even mild cheddar.  Azrael grants a re-roll on missed to-hit rolls for all DARK ANGELS models within 6″.  He also grants a 4+ invulnerable save for all DARK ANGELS models within 6″.  Including vehicles.


That blob in the center is within 6″ of Azrael

The other squad I deployed first to draw out some of his forces.  It worked.  His warlord and melee squad ended up way out behind the AA gun in that picture.  The first turn I shot half the wounds off the dreadnought, and he moved up putting a couple wounds around my vehicles.


Start of his second turn he moved a bit further down and plinked some more wounds, starting to focus more fire on my Land Raider.  However T8, 2+/4++ and plenty of command points to let me re-roll the odd multi-wound attack that got through, making the vehicle stupidly tough.  His Lychguard landed on my exposed squad and destroyed them clean.  My turn was a bit more eventful, My tank blob focused on his big unit of Tomb Blades out on my right flank and destroyed them.  The amount of concentrated firepower I generated, especially with re-rolls to hit was scary.  I can’t wait to add a Lieutenant to the mix to let me re-roll wounds *Glares at the multi-melta that did NOTHING all game*


At this point his luck completely crapped out.  He didn’t want to eat overwatch from my Lazorback for some reason so just charged the one squad, which had inflicted three wounds on him during my turn.  He managed to whiff most of his attacks, which left my squad able to fall back, and left his warlord completely exposed to my Lazorback.  I shifted my army around and annihilated his warlord, and Lychguard in a storm of point blank fire.

At that point it was all over but the screaming.  Mathematically he had to table me at that point.  His dread hid at the back taking potshots at me, and his troops came up firing and plinking wounds off of me but not really doing much.

I think he made a couple mistakes.  The key to beating a vehicle blob like this is getting into melee with as many of the vehicles as he could, and tying them up.  I have to be clumped up around Azrael for this list to work, his warriors could have rushed up the table, forgoing shooting and charged into multiple vehicles, denying me shooting.

On my side I could have made better targeting choices, and shooting weapons in a better order.  My Crusader was my VIP by a large margin, soaking up an enormous amount of firepower, and putting out enough dakka to justify the focus put on it.  The predator got a sneakily large number of kills, and the Lazorback did manage to gun down the enemy commander, with a few extra kills.  Massed bolter fire did a ton of damage, whether from storm bolters on the two lighter vehicles, or the hurricane bolter arrays on the Crusader.  Azrael paid for himself several times over just in re-rolls.  Let alone his invulnerable save bubble, and, you know, personal firepower.  I kept him pretty well hidden for most of the game so his own attacks weren’t terribly important.

It was a fun game for me, and my opponent seemed to enjoy himself, next week I’m taking a different list, built around terminators (and Azrael) delivered by the Crusader.  Not sure exactly how it’ll work, as week 2’s mission/details aren’t out yet, but we will see.  I do like the lower power level.  It’s pretty easy to build a list, especially using power levels, and we finished a game in about 1 hour 45 minutes.  Maybe even 90 minutes.  My goals next week are to bring a more balanced list, have a higher % painted, and keep racking up points.  I will be missing one week of the event to go see the Eclipse this year, but I am on track to hit every other week.  Just need to get the Knight painted up in time for Lords of War.

7th vs 8th

So 8th has been around long enough to get a handle on the rules, and 7th is thoroughly consigned to the trash heap.  No one will do a “Kings of War” style game to resurrect 7th because nu40k is so bad.  In fact 8th might well be the best system that 40k has ever had.  This is quite a pleasant surprise.  What’s even more surprising is that GW was able to make such dramatic improvements while not fixing the two most game-breaking things in 7th, and even amplifying one.

The first big issue with 7th was invulnerable saves.  These were ubiquitous in 7th and could render some units nigh unkillable.  Magnus with his re-rollable 2++ was just ridiculous.  There were too many invuln saves and a lot of characters had 3++ or even 2++ which just sucked, especially if they could finagle access to re-rolls.  This led to incredible death star units that would either obliterate the table, OR run into each other and roll 2nd edition shadowrun levels of dice until someone rolled too many ones.

Well, rerollable saves are still here.  What’s more, some of them are grantable auras, some entire ARMIES feature them *glares at his wife’s Harlequins*.  I can only complain so much with Azrael handing out a 4+ in a 6″ bubble to go with his re-rolls on to-hit rolls.  This hasn’t been as bad because I have yet to see one better than 3++, and it’s hard to get re-rolls for it without using command points, which are a rare resource.  Even 3++ is rare.  Still, I’m sure issues will develop around them, invuln saves are just too potentially unbalancing to have in game without them causing issues.  Once GW starts handing out ways to re-roll them more, or boost the save, problems will happen.

The other big problem was re-rolls.  Re-rolls were a huge problem in 7th, largely related to invulnerable saves, but they gummed up the game.  It seemed like you were constantly re-rolling for every little thing.  This is still a major thing with 8th.  In fact a lot of army planning is figuring out how much you can fit into the 6″ re-roll bubble around your commanders.  8th edition games revolve around clumps of units orbiting Captains and Lieutenants, using re-rolls to apply as much firepower as possible to enemy units.

This problem it seems GW has used to solve itself.  The first couple rounds can be incredibly deadly.  Twin-linked weapons firing twice means you can build incredible firebases using razorbacks, land raiders, or dreadnoughts that can take advantage of re-rolls to put immense volumes of highly accurate firepower downrange.  However once these firestorms have gone back and forth a few times, well, there’s not nearly as many dice to re-roll.  Armies get pared down fairly fast to the bone currently, due to the sheer firepower a 40k army can develop on a target.

While 8th has not dealt with these issues directly, it has streamlined so many things to speed up play, and has become generally so much more lethal that neither slows down play, or is so difficult to deal with that the game is negatively affected by it.  You know.  Yet.

Primarchs Incoming Pr 2 – The When

So, we have a list of who I think will be coming.  Kurze, Lorgar, Magnus, and Mortarion showing up for the traitors.  For the Loyalists we should see Guilliman, Leman Russ, Lion El’Jonson, and Sanguinius.  Got it?  Good.  Now I’m going to go into the when and why.

Magnus came first, Guilliman came next.  Both laid out the basic plotlines of (Chaos) picking up old grudges and (Loyalist) picking up the pieces.  The next characters will reinforce those plotlines.  Mortarion being all but confirmed will prosecute his grudges against Guilliman and the Imperium at large, and Russ will return, older and wiser.  He will seek to help Guilliman rebuild the Imperium, knowing that a warrior’s brain is as vital as his brawn.  He will help keep Chaos off balance and be a surprising, dynamic figure.  In other words he will be exactly what the Imperium needs him to be.

The next two will mix things up.  Lorgar doesn’t want to pick a simple fight, he wants to bring the Word to the Masses.  And He.  Will.  Do it.  He will launch a Black Crusade that will have people saying “Aba-who?” He will rally the Iron Warriors, the Night Lords, the Black Legion, and his own Word Bearers to spread Chaos (Undivided) across the heavens.  The Crusade will split the Imperium further, and drive Guilliman and Russ to the brink.  And then the Lord Cypher will wake up the Lion, and the Dark Angels will drop everything and help pick up the pieces.  Right?  Yeah even I didn’t believe that.

The Lion will wake up, see the wreckage of the Imperium.  See the Imperial Creed vs. the Imperial Truth.  He will decide that the fault lies in compromise.  The fault lies in falling away from their father’s teachings of denying sorcery and demons.  While fighting demons.  Basically he’ll be this guy.

never compromise

And like the Dark Angels he’ll do a very good thing at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.  And then get all emo about it.  However the chance to take a crack at the forces of Chaos will be too irresistible even for him, so eventually 14k+ Dark Angels, Successors, Primaris add-ons and God-Emperor and the Inner Circle know what else will be getting into the fight.

Finally, to bring things to a climax, Konrad Curze comes back, and leads a direct strike on Terra, a slash at the jugular with his legion.  His hated sons following along in his wake driving a wave of terror and despair before them.  In the midst of this, Cypher will show up on Terra, where he will be met by none other than Commander Dante, the Blood Angels still recovering from their earlier losses took up the mantle of the defence of Terra to free up the Imperial Fists.  Dante engages Cypher, and a stray shot from Dante finishes off the Emperor.  At the moment of his death the Emperor and Dante are consumed in Psychic Fire and Sanguinius rises in the Palace.  The Empire is thrown into further Chaos, as the Astronomicon goes dark (again) but Guilliman has prepared even for this moment, and a new beacon is lit.  The rebuilt Pharos beacon ignites at a psychic command from Sanguinius, and Curze wisely decides to pull back, leaving a truly confused situation as the Imperium struggles for leadership while looking for the Emperor reborn.

The Lion and Sanguinius seek to restore the Imperial truth (with varying degrees of fanaticism) and Guilliman and Russ seek a more pragmatic timetable.  Chaos is in a stronger position but even more divided counsels.  Lorgar wants to build an Empire, Curze wants to burn the galaxy, Magnus wants his kids back, and Mortarion wants a garden.  Curze, Lorgar, and Magnus are all mutually exclusive and Magnus may as well be in another world at this point.  I see this as the natural ending point of the current thrust of 40k, and could well last us nearly all of 8th.

Primaris and the Dark Angels

So in the Hundred odd years since Guilliman showed up (it seems like so much less) the Unforgiven have had to deal with a prickly problem.  How do you integrate a potent new group of soldiers into your forces while at the same time concealing the secret that you feel must remain concealed from them until their loyalty is assured?  Fluff wise the Dark Angels would know they have to bring them in, but would be deeply concerned about ensuring their loyalty enough to integrate them into the Ravenwing or Deathwing.  I think it more likely that they’d reinstate the Dreadwing or Ironwing or what have you, thereby short circuiting the problem, but they would also want to integrate them into the current organization of the existing battle companies.

Ok first off, I’m 99% sure that Chapters as we know them are dead.  1,000 chapters of 1,000 marines never made any sense to me from any number of standpoints.  The return of Guilliman means we can fix that mistake once and for all.  So let’s look at it a bit differently.  The traditional Battle Company is also going to come in for review as I’m more or less sure that the main level of change will be here.  Let’s look at it as is.  Stealing a picture that I believe dates back to the 5th edition codex:


This is the Ultramarines 2nd Company.  Imagine them in green.  The top bits will remain largely the same, Company Master, Chaplain, small command group.  The only real change here is that some of them will be Primaris and a Primaris Lieutenant or two will probably be along for the ride.

The next part shows the tactical squads (save one) and here I think we get the first major change.  I like having 6 tac squads BUT 3 of them I would put in Razorbacks, and would number only 6 (to fit in).  This will leave 12 marines looking for work.  Well let’s get some Intercessors in.  A couple 5-man squad leaves us only 2 marines short of establishment, and whatever Rhino-equivalent they get would be interesting.  I don’t like them very much so far, but we will see how things go.

so 6-10 man squads have become 3 6-man squads, 3-10 man squads and 2 5-man intercessor squad, losing 2 marines, but adding a lot of firepower and flexibility.  The two assault squads I would leave as is.  The company is going to end up with well more than 100 marines.  2 3-man Inceptor squads will provide some very handy firepower for the fast moving assault marines; as well as giving me an excuse to field the very fun looking models.  The devastators are easy.  5 or 6 man squads.  Razorbacks.  They are heavy support, they don’t need numbers, they need to give fire.  Then add a couple squads of hellblasters to get the numbers back up.  This would like very interesting indeed.  Oh and it would also clock in around 4000 points.  What’s REALLY scary to me is that I nearly have this assembled already.  Most of what I’m missing is in the transports and, of course, the new Primaris models.

I think Guilliman brings back a legionary structure, with each Legion consisting of multiple chapters of ten-ish companies.  I rather suspect the number of reserve companies will stay the same, while the number of battle companies will be expanded.  At least in my own ruminations that’s how the Dark Angels will be organised going forward.

Primarchs Incoming Pt 1 – The Who

So Games Workshop is changing a lot about 40k.  One of the biggest is that Primarchs are coming to the fore.  This is a very interesting decision for a lot of reasons.  Primarchs are the holy grail to a lot of Lore-wise players.  They are everything the Space Marines seek to emulate (supposedly) and their appearance on the tabletop hasn’t been a thing since Epic died off.

This changed last year with the appearance of Magnus, and this year Guilliman made a somewhat surprising appearance as the Imperium’s first entry.  Currently rumors are indicating a good chance at 4 total Primarchs returning for both Chaos and the Imperium.  Magnus and Guilliman are already here.  Mortarion is all but confirmed as the next one, and this is no surprise given his place in the recent Dark Imperium fluff.  Russ will most likely be next.  I would love to see him returning as an Odin like figure, not the brash, irrepressible warrior of his youth, but instead a wise, savvy warrior equally at home planning to destroy his foes as he is throwing himself into the thick of it.  I’m not sure if GW will accommodate my wishes, I suspect they will go with a simpler brash warrior persona, but they may pleasantly surprise me.

So that’s the first 4 down.  From there, things are much less solid.  The easiest choices for Chaos would be to round out the Demon Primarchs with the other two Chaos Gods and do Angron and Fulgrim.  This gives us the Khornate daemon primarch, and the Slaaneshi one.  However I don’t think we’ll see them both, and we might not see either.  I suspect Lorgar will be tapped over Fulgrim.  Slaanesh has been sliding down for a long time and Angron has never been that popular to begin with for some reason.  Kharn of course is immensely popular, and a new model, with new rules, for him would likely satisfy some of the hunger of the Blood God’s followers.  Lorgar and his minions/minders Erebus and Kor Phaeron are so crucial to the lore that I have to imagine they will make it to the tabletop, and this edition seems an opportune moment to do so.

That leaves just one last one, and I’m going to come out of left field here.  Konrad Curze will return.  Konrad never ascended to Daemonhood and I think that makes him a very interesting choice rules wise, and a better match to the “merely” semi-mortal Primarchs the Imperium will have.  He also represents a massive faction of Renegade players who don’t care as much for Chaos, but don’t worship the Emperor.  Alpharius/Omegon might also show up here, but I think any of them would be a lot of fun, and this seems like something GW would do, going with the emo-lord in a surprise return.  Of course explaining his return might be fun, but if GW wants me to solve that problem they can hire me.

Now we have to find two loyalists.  Guilliman and Russ were relatively low-hanging fruit.  Dorn, Corvus Corax, and Jaghatai Khan are all missing, with varying levels of “rumored to be dead”; the Lion is under the Rock taking a nap.  VULKAN LIVES *STOMPSTOMP* but he’s missing while his Chapter plays “Where’s Waldo” with his artifacts.  Sanguinius is dead, so is Ferrus Manus.  So who are the last two?  I think Lion gets in for a slew of reasons.  Dark Angels are very popular, maybe even the 2nd most popular chapter behind the Ultramarines, vying with the Wolves.  Narratively the uncompromising Master of the First would be a very interesting Primarch to put with the pragmatic Guilliman.  He also fills a niche in not having a Forgeworld model already (FORGEWORLD PLS) and it would add some REAL craziness to the Cypher storyline to have the Lion back wondering where the hell his sword is.  And why his helmet is tiny.  And MK VII.  And Green.  So penciling him in.

Now we get to the last one.  And I’m going for an even bigger curveball this time.  There’s only one loyalist Primarch that will ever overshadow Guilliman.  There’s only one Primarch that will represent the rebirth of the Imperium.  There’s only one Primarch of the remainder that will sell like crazy, GW being a business and all.  If you were wanting to sell models would you want to sell Dorn, Khan, Manus, Corax, Vulkan, or Sanguinius.  That’s not a question by the way.  We all know the answer.  So I’m calling it right now.  The final Primarch to return in the current story arc will be Sanguinius, raised from the dead.  There’s a couple ways they can accomplish this, Ynnari, Emperor magic, Fuck you it’s GW.  But I do think the end of the current storyline will be Sanguinius showing up to turn back the tide of Chaos.

Re-Organising the 5th

So, new Marines, new Rules, new org tables.  And yes I enjoy geeking out to this.

Asterisks are by units I need all or part of

5th Company Order of Battle, Company Master Matthias

Command Group:  Company Ancient, Apothecary, Chaplain, Champion, *Techmarine

Tactical Squad Samuel – 6 Marines in a Razorback

Tactical Squad Jehoash – 6 Marines in a Razorback

Tactical Squad Amon – 6 Marines in a Razorback

Tactical Squad Micha – 10 Marines in a Rhino

Tactical Squad Hagai – 10 Marines in a Rhino

Tactical Squad Gad – 10 Marines in a Rhino

Assault Squad Nosson – 5 Assault Marines with Jump Packs

Assault Squad Elkanah – *10 Assault Marines with Jump Packs

Inceptor Squad Elisha – *5 Inceptors

Devastator Squad Yonah – 6 Devastators in a *Razorback

*Devastator Squad – 6 Devastators in a *Razorback

*Hellblaster Squad Neriah – 5 Hellblasters in whatever transport comes out for them

Predator, Venerable Dread

Company Support

Ravenwing Force Eleazar- 10 Ravenwing Bikes, 3 Ravenwing Knights, Dark Shroud, Champion

Deathwing Force Matthias – 5 Deathwing Knights, 12 Deathwing Terminators, Land Raider