Last Son of Caliban: Heavy Strike

Lieutenant Bors eased himself up over shoreline.  He could see the whole column, with the last gaggle of stragglers even with him.  He triggered his vox bead.  “Master Cain, they are all in the kill zone”

“Warriors of the Lion!”  Came back Cain’s basso profundo.  “Stand to, mark your targets, and deliver the Emperor’s Fury!”

Bors looked over the targets in his sector.  With a few gestures and eye movements he cross loaded targets to the Devastators and Razorbacks under his command.  The Tacticals he left to their Sergeants.  He had the Inceptors under his command, he plotted their advance to an area ripe with soft targets for their massive assault bolters.  He waited a moment, glancing over his shoulder to where Master Cain looked over the traitor line.  The crack of an autocannon ahead jerked his attention back to his battlefield.

“Fire Brothers!  Razorbacks, engage their tanks!  Repulsor, support the Razorbacks!  Jonah, kill the command vehicle.”  He paused, firing a pair of bolt rounds, exploding a pair of troopers racing for cover.  “Shamgar, Uriah, with me!  Jubal, Barreto advance when we get to cover.  Rhinos move up for close support.”

He leaped from cover, legs pumping as he raced ahead of the taller Primaris and cautious veterans.  A keening roar announced the Inceptor’s of Uriah’s squad powering up their potent jump packs as they raced off to engage a company of infantry only now reacting to the explosion of violence behind them.  The heavily armored Primaris Inceptors belched flame from their Assault Bolters and Jet packs both.  Every shot fired by the traitors was aimed at them, and the massive slabs of ceramite protecting them shrugged off the fire.  Behind this distraction Bors and the Primaris Inceptors dove into cover behind some sparse rocks halfway to the road.  Their own bolt rifles and grenade launchers opened up.  Balls of plasma raced past Bors as the Devastators engaged the light transports directly in front of him.

Bors barely noticed.  The Inceptors drifted to their right, closer to Bors, drawing their targets towards the Dark Angels’ lines.  Las Blasts and other infantry weapons pounded their armor but they seemed to be in little danger.  The heavily armored 4th squad in their heavy Mk III Plate moved with deceptive stealth, taking advantage of every scrap of cover until they reached a cluster of rocks damming a creek giving them a protected position to lay heavy bolter and plasma fire into the flank of the lightly armed infantry assailing Uriah’s inceptors.

Bors looked over the line, firing automatically at any targets to his front.  To his left he noticed heavy weapons deploying around the wrecks of several tanks.  Threat beacons bloomed and he triggered his Vox on the command channel “Master Ezekial, target located, displace from my grid direction 330, range 250.  For the Lion.”

As he finished a pair of lascannon blasts cracked through the air, pinning a pair of Inceptors with the savage power of their beams.  “Uriah for the throne get your squad away from there.”  Without an acknowledgement beyond their engines racing around his rear the squad moved to a new position.

Sergeant Barreto’s voice came up on the net “Lieutenant Bors, we will need fire support.”  The dour sergeant had his squad’s Heavy Bolter engaging the heavy weapons but vehicles and more were assembling to attack the now exposed Angels.

“Deliverance is at hand brothers!  INTO THEM!  FOR THE LION AND THE EMPEROR!”  The unrestrained call to close combat came not from Bors, but from Ezekial.  The explosive crack of a teleport assault sounded as the glowing, golden balls of a teleport appeared nearly in the middle of the heavy weapons.  The Deathwing attacked with a speed completely at odds with their massive armor.  Storm bolters chattered their rapid fire, thunder hammers emitted massive cracks as they shattered men and metal with equal ease.  Before the traitors could recover Bors and his troops crested the slight elevation of the road, their Rhinos and Razorbacks covering the marines taking positions among the wrecked vehicles.  Bors pulled open the door of a command Chimera looking at the flaming hellscape within.  Hearing a cough he shouldered the door wide.  Reaching in he grabbed a portly man from under a seat.  Dragging him free Bors caught the glint of the officers heavy rank insignia.

“What kind of little bird do we have here?”  Bors said in a nasty sing-song voice.  “Interrogator-Chaplain Habbakuk will have to see what kind of songs you sing little birdy.”  He finished, bringing the pommel of his power sword around in a calculated blow to knock the struggling officer unconscious.

“Master Librarian, Master Cain, Master Habbakuk.  I believe I have the commander of their trailing battalion.  I don’t think we need many more prisoners.”  He grinned in his helmet.  A moment later Ezekial’s voice came back, cold and harsh.  “Agreed Lieutenant Bors.  The fewer traitors we capture, the fewer we will have to give the Emeror’s justice later.”

The tempo of the battle raced, a crescendo of noise as the angels of death, freed from any restraint, fell on the scattered, bewildered survivors.


Last Son of Caliban: The Hunt

“Master Ezekiel, we will not catch the one we seek in the first place they look.  We have dispatched our interceptors around the planet, we have ordered a complete blockade of any ship not ours.  They know us to be a zealous foe, let us use that against them and be methodical, as the Lion was.  We will pen him in and run him down, but not if we rush in too fast.”  Cain said, fixing Ezekiel with a piercing glare.

Ezekiel looked back for a moment.  Fire burned behind his eyes, he looked deep into Cain’s, and Cain could feel the pressure of Ezekiel’s psychic power, not scanning him, but pressing, potent.  “You are right Master Cain.  We will be patient.  Your feast was a success.  The local troops are quite satisfied with the honors shown to them.  They will need to be managed carefully in the upcoming campaign.”

Cain thought for a minute, breaking his gaze away and looking north, where the guard regiment was encamped.  “They have been good and loyal allies.  We do not want them to find out things they cannot be allowed to know.”

“Not only our allies.  I know we must be careful, knowledge is a blade sharper than any carried by our men, but too much cuts the wielder.  You will have to be careful how you allocate your men during the hunt Master Cain.”

Cain very pointedly did not look back to the encampment of the Dark Angels.  the chapter serfs were moving equipment into the camp, battle brothers ensured that supplies were cached well.  “I will need guidance for this Master Ezekiel.  As Chief Librarian, your insight on my sergeants will be invaluable, as will Chaplain Zadok’s.  I trust you both to aid me in selecting the right strike team for the final battles.  In the meantime; we must plan tomorrow’s strike.”

Ezekiel nodded, and they turned back as Master Cain summoned the leaders of the company.  Within moments they were gathered in the shadows outside the camp lines.  The Lieutenants flanked Master Cain, the rest of the command group stood slightly to one side.  The 12 sergeants stood on the other three sides of the flexible table set up with flimplast maps.  Another innovation the electrically charged, rollable plastics could be loaded with maps and graphics, making campaigns and battles far easier to communicate.  The warriors stood in their cream colored robes, the traditional candles provided more than enough light for their enhanced vision.

“Brothers, we must end this rebellion as soon as possible.  The battalion we fought yesterday was utterly destroyed, tomorrow at dawn we strike the rest of the regiment.  They will be advancing to relieve the battalion we destroyed today.  They are not aware they have nothing to relieve.  We will attack them as they march up.  Doctrine for this planet is to start the advance an hour before dawn.  We will move out directly after this briefing, placing ourselves to pierce their line of march and split their remaining force in two just as their lead elements encounter our loyalist regiment where they expect to find friends.”

“Our chief weapon is surprise.  And a lot of firepower.  There will be more than three battalions, one from an armored regiment in this engagement.  We must break into them and destroy them as rapidly as possible.  Be on the lookout for anyone rallying or organizing their defences.  If you are unable to eliminate a threat, call on the Hellblasters or Devastators.  We will sear these traitors from the planet.  Remember as well that we have not fully rooted out the cause of this heresy.  Capturing leaders where possible is authorized.  Master Ezekiel and Brother Sergeant Cole will ensure we have the prisoners we need.  Call out any likely targets and we will ensure they are brought to the Emperor’s justice.  Now go, prepare, we move out immediately!”


Blue-Washing the Legions

So the new Blood Angels Codex is imminent.  Recently we got a look at the “New Units” to be featured in it.  Here’s the list from Warhammer Community.  Inceptors, Reivers, Cataphractii and Tartaros pattern Terminators, Stormhawk Interceptors, Stormtalons Gunships, Hunters, and Stalkers.  Stormraven Gunships.  None of these is actually a new unit.  I’m guessing they get all the other Primaris units, since they come in the FUKHUEG BOX that GW has up for pre-order (not a great savings BUT if you want to add Primaris to your existing blood angels, or start a new army there ARE some savings so go for it) but there’s 0 in the way of actually new units.  All of these are units that currently exist now with the exception of the Primaris Lieutenant.

What’s more interesting, or concerning, is that these new units do not have the Black Rage.  So that’s no Death Company, no tragic flaw, just a Red Thirst bonus to attacks.  From the stream we got a lot of stratagems, most of which are picked up from the Space Marine codex although they did steal some speed from the Craftworld one.  I worry a lot that the Blood Angels are becoming Ultramarines painted blue.  Sanguinary Guard, Death Company, and the special characters are… ok.  Librarian Dreadnoughts are great, Furioso Dreadnoughts are great.  Death Company Dreadnoughts are apparently amazing.  All the flavor comes from old units.  OLD units.  Like, Eldar old.  Like Squats old.

I think this is one of two things.  Either a missed opportunity where GW wanted to get this army out fast without bothering to add anything good so they just threw in all the old shit they hadn’t given them before, or a deliberate step to bring all the chapters closer together.  This has happened before.  Black Templars used to have a codex.  Imperial Fists used to at least rate a supplement.  Then they stopped getting new stuff and started losing stuff they had.  Now they sit in the “other” section of the Space Marine Codex.

I don’t think GW wants to get rid of the Blood Angels.  After all, before the obsession with Ultramarines came about THEY WERE THE POSTER CHILD FOR 40k

Image result for 2nd edition 40k

3rd Edition btw featured the Black Templar.  4th Edition’s Battle for Macragge actually brought the Ultras into the spotlight.

I do think GW is painting themselves into a corner.  Primaris are lore poison.  They are so loyal and pure they never fall to chaos.  They are better at shooting, they are better in close combat, they are tougher when taking damage.  Have you ever been cornered by a guy in your FLGS telling you about his homebrew chapter that are “like X chapter but better”?  That’s the primaris marines.  There’s no flaw.  In fact they clean up flaws that already exist.  I have to think going forward that something will change.  Right now they are literally a bad fanfic of existing marines.  Only they are GW’s bad fanfic.  They are GW’s bad homebrew, and they are mucking up the Blood Angels.

Here’s the funny thing.  I don’t hate Primaris unconditionally.  I think it’s great that GW is advancing the story.  I think it’s very interesting to have these new troops joining the chapters.  I think conflicts like that between Dante and Seth in Devastation of Baal and soon whatever happens in the upcoming Dark Angels book are super interesting.  But so far all the flaws, all the conflict drivers emotionally are coming from non-primaris characters.  War of Secrets doesn’t come out until 2018 so any real resolution is going to take some time to get to us Dark Angels fans.  On the tabletop they are very interesting.  Intercessors are very good overall, but have no ability to specialize for better firepower up close or at long range, just solid, above average firepower, 2 wounds, and 2 attacks in melee.  Hellblasters have less power individually than devastators, but everyone gets a big gun!  2 wounds each!  And now for something completely different.  Inceptors are just plain neat.  I love them and already have 6.  I may go up to 12!  Repulsors are crazy tanks.  I’m VERY MUCH disappointed by the build, it’s just sloppily executed, but they are great tanks.  Ton of firepower, ton of points.  Really neat and go well with the slick, lots of firepower look of primaris.  There’s so much to like about them.

Fluff wise I love the idea of them being less experienced, less adept at the little things, and having some penalties to go with their strengths.  The recent Alpha Legion book played on this some.  They simply don’t know what they don’t know.  However they haven’t shown any fundamental flaw.  GW fluff operates on pretty much the classical model.  Heroes have a tragic flaw.  Guilliman can’t NOT build an Empire.  The Lion can’t NOT be secretive and sinister.  Dorn can’t NOT be defensive and stubborn.  The Khan can’t NOT be inscrutable and hate centralization.  Horus can’t NOT desire power.  Perturabo can’t NOT be jealous.  The Primaris can’t… what.  What is their tragic flaw?  When do they stop being the bonnie blue boys.

And next week pre-orders for the Dark Angels codex go up.  I was hopeful at one point that we’d see the Lion come back in the codex.  Now I’d settle for not having the codex be a glorified index with 8 pages of badly updated fluff.

Little Green Men Week 2: Tabletop Ready at least


A little bit past the 3 color standard.  There’s a lot of touch up to do but it shouldn’t take too long.  Getting the wings to stay on should be an ongoing challenge.


This guy came out well.  His sword arm wouldn’t come off so painting his chest wasn’t the easiest.  Also one of his shoulder pads was primed black and every other model in the squad primed white so he will probably get a lot of touch up to balance that out.  3.jpg

I love this guy’s post.  And I hope I can get that grate off the base so I can base him properly…


You’ve met the sarge


Old breastplate, Good pose, and will be easy to base.  The only down side to this guy is he faces “down” a bit more than I’d like.


I need to turn his head.  Iconography came out real well.

I’m torn about highlighting these guys the way I did the others.  I know I need to do a little but their base color is much brighter than the rest of the troops and I don’t want to make them insanely bright.  Their details are well picked out already in normal lighting and unlike the Mk III armored troops who look really boring, these guys are very dynamic and interesting without the TRON highlights.

OH and you don’t get views of the back because I need to add fire effects.  Next week I might do a character, I might finish the land raider.  It’s a BUSY week.  The week following I’m planning on doing Inceptors.

Little Green Men Week 2: Sergeant Almost Done

Brother Sergeant Maacah is nearly done.


There’s a little touch up work to be done, especially on the boots and the power axe.  Some more on the wings, and I may try some glowing effects on the jump pack.  MAY.  But I’m very happy with the wings.  A squad of these guys is going to look amazing on the table.




The wings ended up being SUPER easy.  Vallejo Model Air Tyre black.  Administratum Grey drybrush (fairly heavy) and a bit of liquid skill.  They look REALLY good.  The feathers on the headdress are White Scar with liquid skill only.  Not a bad effect there but the wings really pop to me.

Little Green Men Week 2: Winged Assault

So I’m starting with the more challenging assault squad.  5 marines with Dark Angels upgrades.


Oh and wings.  This was a lot of conversion work to get the wings, backplate and jump pack from the Sanguinary Guard to work with them.  Also had some harsh limits on poses to get the wings to fit.  Tomorrow morning I’ll break out the rest of the base coat colors to get them looking more “finished” and hopefully by the end of the week we will have all 5 of them painted, and ready to… sit on the sideline because GW hates assault squads for some reason.

Last Son of Caliban: Among the Fallen

Sergeant Zebediah stalked across the field.  His squads flamer belched burning promethium over groups of traitor corpses.  His men carried naked blades, plunging them into any body showing any hint of life, any sign of not being mortally wounded.  Zebediah stepped heavily.  Deliberately crushing the skulls of traitorous corpses.  The vox chime was unexpected, but never a surprise.  “Brother Sergeants, bring me an officer from the traitors if one lives.  Ezekial has questions.”  Zebediah looked around and gestured towards a knot of bodies a short way away.  He looked over where a body groaned and closed with one step, plunging his blade clean through the top of the skull of the wounded traitor, his fist fracturing the skull when it made contact.

The knot of bodies had fallen around the command group.  The officer were dead, but the vox-carrier still lived.  His heavy, backpack-mounted vox unit had exploded, absorbing the bolt that had been meant for him,  He suffered grievous wounds, and likely would not live.  Certainly not without medical care he was unlikely to receive.  Zebediah grabbed him and carried him indifferently across the field to where Master Cain and the company officers gathered around the Repulsor and Razorback they rode.  Ezekial was among them, speaking quietly to Master Cain.  Lieutenant Bors intercepted the Sergeant.

“What is this Brother Sergeant?”

“Vox officer, master lieutenant.  Best we could find.”

“It should do.  There has been a mortal sergeant wandering around.  See that he doesn’t interfere with any of our men.”  Bors said gesturing at a squad of guardsmen gathering weapons in the sector.

Zebediah gestured to his men to fan out in that direction; “It shall be done master Lieutenant.”  They stalked off in that direction, their heavy battleplate amplified by deliberately careless footfalls.  The Guardsmen looked up, the sergeant crossing the front of his heavily loaded squad as they gathered weapons and munitions from the dead.

“Master Astartes, thank you for your help on the field.  How can my men assist you?”

Zebediah looked over the men.  They were tired and worn.  Most of them carried 4 or 5 weapons.  One had a full carrybag of heavy weapons munitions.  Lieutenant Nabbok crossfed him a sped up feed of part of the battle.  Several minutes of combat played out over a span of seconds.  Zebediah twisted off his helmet.  “Rest a moment men.  We will summon transport to help with your burdens.  Sergeant Mawlon, you fought bravely.  One of the enemy commanders charged your squad.  You were outnumbered, outgunned, and poorly equipped for close combat.  You stood your ground when a tactical displacement might have been called for.”  Mawlon and his men stared aghast at this cold, dispassionate analysis of the chaos that had engulfed the battlefield.

“We weren’t going to run from those traitors Master Astartes” said the man after a moment.  Finding his voice.

“Nor should you, fellow servant of the Emperor.  When their commander charged in you met him blade to blade, impaling him on your bayonet before cutting down his guards in close combat.  And each of you men accounted for several of the traitors today.  For this you shall be remembered.  Sergeant, show me your weapon.”  The confused sergeant unslung his weapon.  Cleaned of the muck of battle it gleamed dully.  Sergeant Zebediah looked it over silently, before plucking a purity seal from his shoulder plate.  He read it to the assembled men.  ‘On this day, on this world I swear to fight the enemies of the Emperor, to purge their treason, to destroy their weapons and crush their spirit.  To this matter and on this weapon I swear.’  Sergeant, you and your men fought to the oaths of an Astartes of the Dark Angels.”  Speaking no further he took a personal flame unit from his belt, briefly heating the wax he affixes it to the casing of the lasgun.  The ribbons and seal looked ordinary on a marine, on a mortal lasgun they covered nearly all of one side of the weapon.  Stepping back, Sergeant Zebediah crashed his fist to his chest in salute, his squad matching the gesture.  Carefully slinging the now treasured weapon, Sergeant Mawlon and his men made the sign of the Aquila across their chests in return.

“Thank you my lord.  You do me and my men honor.”

“Honor comes to those who act in the Emperor’s name, and no others.  When the transport gets here, load the wargear you have gathered into it and rest.  Tonight you feast with the warriors of the First Legion.”

A short distance away Ezekial dropped the drained husk of the vox-officer.  Looking to Master Cain he said “The one we seek is here.  He leads the traitors.  He will be watching for us now.”

Little Green Men Week 1: Done

So the 5th Company, under Sergeant Obed with his Rhino is done.  Actually there’s a bit of edge work around the bases but that’s literally a matter of minutes so I will probably knock out dozens at the same time.


This puts me on track for all of 1 week!  Also the weather should be nice enough this week to varnish! Next week I’ll be going after the assault squad.  I’m not sure if I’ll be doing 5 or 10 this week.  5 of them are ordinary assault marines, 5 of them have wings stolen from Sanguinary Guard.

More next week!

Project: Little Green Men

23874426_10160000421035221_633494651_o.jpgThe battle company continues to grow.  I actually haven’t bought anything since…. The repulsor?  The Inceptors?  I do have lots left to assemble though, including a flyer, knight, bikes, attack bike, and another speeder.  I do need to buy Hellblasters for the 10th squad but there’s plenty of sales coming up for that!

I also will be painting up some extra troopers to allow me to substitute weapons in the razorback squads (1-3) BUT

23897032_10160000421450221_1480783558_o.jpgThat’s almost an entire battle company of Dark Angels!  Organized how I figure they’d be post-Primaris.  I may add another squad of intercessors as I like the models quite a bit and I even think they’ll be useful on the table.  The downside is that would require another repulsor and I do NOT like building repulsor tanks.  They are great on the tabletop but they are a hobbyists nightmare.


Two squads completely or near completely done.  1st and 2nd need a good bit of touching up.  Vehicles are in various states of completion (I didn’t realize the one rhino was practically done, that will probably get finished very soon) then… well I need to figure out what I want to do.  Lieutenants are soon, but I want to wait until the DA Primaris LT comes out and get all three at once.  Bikes, Assault Marines, Inceptors and the Speeder in the back are all high priority.  Most likely I will do the Assault marines (not pictured are 4 more with wings that I left in pieces for ease of painting) and then Inceptors (which may or may not get changed for the plasma guns.  Dark angels and all).  Then Bikes, then the rest of the tacs.  Vehicles and characters will get mixed in as well.

I’d like to get all this done by April.  The goal is finish a unit per week.  This week I’m finishing 3rd squad, just some edge highlights to do.  Next week I’ll take on the assault marines with wings, followed by the ones without.  Then I’ll do the Lieutenants, and probably the Techmarine that’s staring at me.  Then vehicle finishing (the three rhino variants that aren’t done) and maybe a character.  So by the end of the year there should be 10 fully painted assault marines, 5 with wings stolen from the lesser angels chapter, 3 Lieutenants, maybe a techmarine, all the rhino type vehicles,

Sounds like a schedule.  Let’s see how it goes!  I’ll try to update this weekly to show you my progress.

Dark Angels Codex Wishlist

So one of the next 2 codexes will be the Dark Angels.  I’m excited to get a codex, as they make armies far more competitive and grant a lot more depth.  However I’m also disappointed because I feel it means we are unlikely to get much in the way of new models.

I’m going to break this list down into three things.  Things I expect to see, things I’ll be interested to see, and things I want to see but don’t really expect.

Things I Expect to See

Plasma trait / Stratagem – Similar to how Salamanders get re rolls with their flamers and meltas, I think the Dark Angels should get some kind of bonus to show their expertise with Plasma weaponry.  Whether this takes the form of a stratagem allowing them to fire supercharged without worrying about dying, or simply allowing re-rolls on wounds or something similar will be interesting, but I firmly expect this to be in the codex.

Older marks of Terminator Armor – I really don’t understand how this wasn’t part of the index anyway.  The only chapter with more terminator armor is the Grey Knights, and they are ridiculous mary sues anyway.  Lacking the fun and interesting older marks just feels wrong and I know a lot of Dark Angels players would love to include them in their armies for more than a cosmetic change.

Interromancy powers will debuff everything – The only faction with more debuffs will be Eldar.  I expect minus to hit, minus to charge, and minus to leadership at least.  Facing Dark Angels librarians should be a pain in the ass more than anything else.  Debuffs can make the game not fun for your opponent, but it’s super fluffy for Dark Angels to debilitate their foe before crushing them.

Things I’ll be Interested to See

Azrael changes – Azrael is a hair behind Guilliman right now.  His ability to grant re-rolls to hit to any UNIT within 6″ is crazy.  Added to 4++ save granted to any MODEL within 6″ he becomes a bubble master and an auto include in any competitive army.  He’s also pretty damn deadly in both shooting and melee.  Keep him safely off the front line until it’s time to uncork him and he’s a threat to anything with his D3 wounds and mortal wounds added in melee, not to mention some very good shooting going in.  Oh and bonus CP just for taking him when most other chapters LOSE CP to take a chapter master!  But should he really be that close in power to a friggin Primarch?  No.  I don’t know if he’ll actually be nerfed though.  I’ve been of the opinion that you could make him much more reasonable by changing his bubbles to read “Infantry Unit” and “Infantry Model” as the Dark Angels aren’t particularly known for their armored units prowess.  It also matters whether or not the Lion shows up.  If the Lion makes it in changes to Azrael become much less important as in most tournament army sizes I’d expect the Lion to be the default choice unless he’s awful.

New units – A plasma-based tank would be a lot of fun.  So far we have a land speeder and…. a land speeder.  The bikes can take plasma guns.  The flyer… can’t.  A predator with a plasma cannon could be fun.  Plasma Land Raider to carry around the deathwing would be AMAZING.  I already mentioned older suits of terminator armor.

Primaris Integration – Now the big one.  The most untrusting of chapters being forced to integrate hundreds of new “brothers” whose training and indoctrination they didn’t control.  I don’t think there’s a chance in hell Azrael and the inner circle let the first crop of Primaris advance beyond Sergeant or Lieutenant.  I do think they will be put in untenable positions over and over until nearly all are killed, then the Dark Angels will demand full control over creating and training the next generation to fix the “flaws” in the process that resulted in high casualty rate.  However the current game takes place 120+ years after the return of Guilliman so that would be in the past in either case.  By now there would be veterans advancing in knowledge and skill to where they should be moved into the Ravenwing or Deathwing.  Aggressor marines could be used as Deathwing fairly straight up, although the lack of melee ability that Aggressor’s suffer from would make them a flawed choice.  For the Ravenwing… there’s no bikes, and while I, personally, love Inceptor units, especially decked out with Plasma cannons, I’m not sure they fit in the hunt.  Will we start seeing Primaris bikes (RIP all other bikes) or Primaris Land Speeders?  Will we see something else?  I hope we see a lot of effort put into this thorny issue rather than a hand-wave.

Things I Want, but Don’t Expect

The Lion – There’s not enough time to build much hype, and I’ve heard from folks I trust that the odds of a Primarch coming out this year are really low.  I also really don’t expect the codex to come out with the Primarch limping out a month or two later, so if we get the Lion, it will likely be after a considerable wait, and most likely after the story has advanced a good bit.  I think the game needs more Imperial Primarchs, I think the story needs them, and frankly, I think GW’s business needs them.  Even with the release of Guilliman, I suspect Ultramarines are behind the Dark Angels and Space Wolves, and only inching ahead of Blood Angels as they have been in a bad spot and getting worse in 8th.  I also suspect that if I picked up some Ultramarine models and scraped off a bit of paint there’s a different color underneath.

Contemptor Dreadnoughts – I want them.  We won’t get them.  Just not something the chapter has ever been known for.

Bring back the old wings – There used to be 6 “wings” in the Dark Angels Legion.  I think chapters will get larger and larger, and the simplest solution to the problem of where to put more experienced Primaris would be to put them in their own wings.  An Ironwing and a Stormwing for the Primaris would be an interesting way to increase the diversity of the Chapter, without necessarily bringing them fully in, and continuing the theme of distrust.