Primarchs Incoming Pr 2 – The When

So, we have a list of who I think will be coming.  Kurze, Lorgar, Magnus, and Mortarion showing up for the traitors.  For the Loyalists we should see Guilliman, Leman Russ, Lion El’Jonson, and Sanguinius.  Got it?  Good.  Now I’m going to go into the when and why.

Magnus came first, Guilliman came next.  Both laid out the basic plotlines of (Chaos) picking up old grudges and (Loyalist) picking up the pieces.  The next characters will reinforce those plotlines.  Mortarion being all but confirmed will prosecute his grudges against Guilliman and the Imperium at large, and Russ will return, older and wiser.  He will seek to help Guilliman rebuild the Imperium, knowing that a warrior’s brain is as vital as his brawn.  He will help keep Chaos off balance and be a surprising, dynamic figure.  In other words he will be exactly what the Imperium needs him to be.

The next two will mix things up.  Lorgar doesn’t want to pick a simple fight, he wants to bring the Word to the Masses.  And He.  Will.  Do it.  He will launch a Black Crusade that will have people saying “Aba-who?” He will rally the Iron Warriors, the Night Lords, the Black Legion, and his own Word Bearers to spread Chaos (Undivided) across the heavens.  The Crusade will split the Imperium further, and drive Guilliman and Russ to the brink.  And then the Lord Cypher will wake up the Lion, and the Dark Angels will drop everything and help pick up the pieces.  Right?  Yeah even I didn’t believe that.

The Lion will wake up, see the wreckage of the Imperium.  See the Imperial Creed vs. the Imperial Truth.  He will decide that the fault lies in compromise.  The fault lies in falling away from their father’s teachings of denying sorcery and demons.  While fighting demons.  Basically he’ll be this guy.

never compromise

And like the Dark Angels he’ll do a very good thing at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.  And then get all emo about it.  However the chance to take a crack at the forces of Chaos will be too irresistible even for him, so eventually 14k+ Dark Angels, Successors, Primaris add-ons and God-Emperor and the Inner Circle know what else will be getting into the fight.

Finally, to bring things to a climax, Konrad Curze comes back, and leads a direct strike on Terra, a slash at the jugular with his legion.  His hated sons following along in his wake driving a wave of terror and despair before them.  In the midst of this, Cypher will show up on Terra, where he will be met by none other than Commander Dante, the Blood Angels still recovering from their earlier losses took up the mantle of the defence of Terra to free up the Imperial Fists.  Dante engages Cypher, and a stray shot from Dante finishes off the Emperor.  At the moment of his death the Emperor and Dante are consumed in Psychic Fire and Sanguinius rises in the Palace.  The Empire is thrown into further Chaos, as the Astronomicon goes dark (again) but Guilliman has prepared even for this moment, and a new beacon is lit.  The rebuilt Pharos beacon ignites at a psychic command from Sanguinius, and Curze wisely decides to pull back, leaving a truly confused situation as the Imperium struggles for leadership while looking for the Emperor reborn.

The Lion and Sanguinius seek to restore the Imperial truth (with varying degrees of fanaticism) and Guilliman and Russ seek a more pragmatic timetable.  Chaos is in a stronger position but even more divided counsels.  Lorgar wants to build an Empire, Curze wants to burn the galaxy, Magnus wants his kids back, and Mortarion wants a garden.  Curze, Lorgar, and Magnus are all mutually exclusive and Magnus may as well be in another world at this point.  I see this as the natural ending point of the current thrust of 40k, and could well last us nearly all of 8th.


Primaris and the Dark Angels

So in the Hundred odd years since Guilliman showed up (it seems like so much less) the Unforgiven have had to deal with a prickly problem.  How do you integrate a potent new group of soldiers into your forces while at the same time concealing the secret that you feel must remain concealed from them until their loyalty is assured?  Fluff wise the Dark Angels would know they have to bring them in, but would be deeply concerned about ensuring their loyalty enough to integrate them into the Ravenwing or Deathwing.  I think it more likely that they’d reinstate the Dreadwing or Ironwing or what have you, thereby short circuiting the problem, but they would also want to integrate them into the current organization of the existing battle companies.

Ok first off, I’m 99% sure that Chapters as we know them are dead.  1,000 chapters of 1,000 marines never made any sense to me from any number of standpoints.  The return of Guilliman means we can fix that mistake once and for all.  So let’s look at it a bit differently.  The traditional Battle Company is also going to come in for review as I’m more or less sure that the main level of change will be here.  Let’s look at it as is.  Stealing a picture that I believe dates back to the 5th edition codex:


This is the Ultramarines 2nd Company.  Imagine them in green.  The top bits will remain largely the same, Company Master, Chaplain, small command group.  The only real change here is that some of them will be Primaris and a Primaris Lieutenant or two will probably be along for the ride.

The next part shows the tactical squads (save one) and here I think we get the first major change.  I like having 6 tac squads BUT 3 of them I would put in Razorbacks, and would number only 6 (to fit in).  This will leave 12 marines looking for work.  Well let’s get some Intercessors in.  A couple 5-man squad leaves us only 2 marines short of establishment, and whatever Rhino-equivalent they get would be interesting.  I don’t like them very much so far, but we will see how things go.

so 6-10 man squads have become 3 6-man squads, 3-10 man squads and 2 5-man intercessor squad, losing 2 marines, but adding a lot of firepower and flexibility.  The two assault squads I would leave as is.  The company is going to end up with well more than 100 marines.  2 3-man Inceptor squads will provide some very handy firepower for the fast moving assault marines; as well as giving me an excuse to field the very fun looking models.  The devastators are easy.  5 or 6 man squads.  Razorbacks.  They are heavy support, they don’t need numbers, they need to give fire.  Then add a couple squads of hellblasters to get the numbers back up.  This would like very interesting indeed.  Oh and it would also clock in around 4000 points.  What’s REALLY scary to me is that I nearly have this assembled already.  Most of what I’m missing is in the transports and, of course, the new Primaris models.

I think Guilliman brings back a legionary structure, with each Legion consisting of multiple chapters of ten-ish companies.  I rather suspect the number of reserve companies will stay the same, while the number of battle companies will be expanded.  At least in my own ruminations that’s how the Dark Angels will be organised going forward.

Primarchs Incoming Pt 1 – The Who

So Games Workshop is changing a lot about 40k.  One of the biggest is that Primarchs are coming to the fore.  This is a very interesting decision for a lot of reasons.  Primarchs are the holy grail to a lot of Lore-wise players.  They are everything the Space Marines seek to emulate (supposedly) and their appearance on the tabletop hasn’t been a thing since Epic died off.

This changed last year with the appearance of Magnus, and this year Guilliman made a somewhat surprising appearance as the Imperium’s first entry.  Currently rumors are indicating a good chance at 4 total Primarchs returning for both Chaos and the Imperium.  Magnus and Guilliman are already here.  Mortarion is all but confirmed as the next one, and this is no surprise given his place in the recent Dark Imperium fluff.  Russ will most likely be next.  I would love to see him returning as an Odin like figure, not the brash, irrepressible warrior of his youth, but instead a wise, savvy warrior equally at home planning to destroy his foes as he is throwing himself into the thick of it.  I’m not sure if GW will accommodate my wishes, I suspect they will go with a simpler brash warrior persona, but they may pleasantly surprise me.

So that’s the first 4 down.  From there, things are much less solid.  The easiest choices for Chaos would be to round out the Demon Primarchs with the other two Chaos Gods and do Angron and Fulgrim.  This gives us the Khornate daemon primarch, and the Slaaneshi one.  However I don’t think we’ll see them both, and we might not see either.  I suspect Lorgar will be tapped over Fulgrim.  Slaanesh has been sliding down for a long time and Angron has never been that popular to begin with for some reason.  Kharn of course is immensely popular, and a new model, with new rules, for him would likely satisfy some of the hunger of the Blood God’s followers.  Lorgar and his minions/minders Erebus and Kor Phaeron are so crucial to the lore that I have to imagine they will make it to the tabletop, and this edition seems an opportune moment to do so.

That leaves just one last one, and I’m going to come out of left field here.  Konrad Curze will return.  Konrad never ascended to Daemonhood and I think that makes him a very interesting choice rules wise, and a better match to the “merely” semi-mortal Primarchs the Imperium will have.  He also represents a massive faction of Renegade players who don’t care as much for Chaos, but don’t worship the Emperor.  Alpharius/Omegon might also show up here, but I think any of them would be a lot of fun, and this seems like something GW would do, going with the emo-lord in a surprise return.  Of course explaining his return might be fun, but if GW wants me to solve that problem they can hire me.

Now we have to find two loyalists.  Guilliman and Russ were relatively low-hanging fruit.  Dorn, Corvus Corax, and Jaghatai Khan are all missing, with varying levels of “rumored to be dead”; the Lion is under the Rock taking a nap.  VULKAN LIVES *STOMPSTOMP* but he’s missing while his Chapter plays “Where’s Waldo” with his artifacts.  Sanguinius is dead, so is Ferrus Manus.  So who are the last two?  I think Lion gets in for a slew of reasons.  Dark Angels are very popular, maybe even the 2nd most popular chapter behind the Ultramarines, vying with the Wolves.  Narratively the uncompromising Master of the First would be a very interesting Primarch to put with the pragmatic Guilliman.  He also fills a niche in not having a Forgeworld model already (FORGEWORLD PLS) and it would add some REAL craziness to the Cypher storyline to have the Lion back wondering where the hell his sword is.  And why his helmet is tiny.  And MK VII.  And Green.  So penciling him in.

Now we get to the last one.  And I’m going for an even bigger curveball this time.  There’s only one loyalist Primarch that will ever overshadow Guilliman.  There’s only one Primarch that will represent the rebirth of the Imperium.  There’s only one Primarch of the remainder that will sell like crazy, GW being a business and all.  If you were wanting to sell models would you want to sell Dorn, Khan, Manus, Corax, Vulkan, or Sanguinius.  That’s not a question by the way.  We all know the answer.  So I’m calling it right now.  The final Primarch to return in the current story arc will be Sanguinius, raised from the dead.  There’s a couple ways they can accomplish this, Ynnari, Emperor magic, Fuck you it’s GW.  But I do think the end of the current storyline will be Sanguinius showing up to turn back the tide of Chaos.

Re-Organising the 5th

So, new Marines, new Rules, new org tables.  And yes I enjoy geeking out to this.

Asterisks are by units I need all or part of

5th Company Order of Battle, Company Master Matthias

Command Group:  Company Ancient, Apothecary, Chaplain, Champion, *Techmarine

Tactical Squad Samuel – 6 Marines in a Razorback

Tactical Squad Jehoash – 6 Marines in a Razorback

Tactical Squad Amon – 6 Marines in a Razorback

Tactical Squad Micha – 10 Marines in a Rhino

Tactical Squad Hagai – 10 Marines in a Rhino

Tactical Squad Gad – 10 Marines in a Rhino

Assault Squad Nosson – 5 Assault Marines with Jump Packs

Assault Squad Elkanah – *10 Assault Marines with Jump Packs

Inceptor Squad Elisha – *5 Inceptors

Devastator Squad Yonah – 6 Devastators in a *Razorback

*Devastator Squad – 6 Devastators in a *Razorback

*Hellblaster Squad Neriah – 5 Hellblasters in whatever transport comes out for them

Predator, Venerable Dread

Company Support

Ravenwing Force Eleazar- 10 Ravenwing Bikes, 3 Ravenwing Knights, Dark Shroud, Champion

Deathwing Force Matthias – 5 Deathwing Knights, 12 Deathwing Terminators, Land Raider

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition

So NewGW has gotten 8th Edition 40k out the door.  So far it’s a solid 8/10.  I like a lot about it but there’s one BIG missed opportunity.  More on that later.

First off, the boxed set is very good.  Lots of new miniatures, lots of very cool miniatures.  I can’t wait to get my hand on them, HOWEVER it’s a lot better if you are a Nurgle player than a Space Marine player.  There’s a lot more demand for the Space Marine models than for the Nurgle ones, I only need a couple of the models so… there’s just no reason for me to get the big box.

The rulebook is hefty, solid, and has maybe 20 pages of core rules and examples with all kinds of “optional” rules for army building and scenarios.  All told it’s less than 40 pages of rules.  There’s a TON of fluff, art, and pictures.  It’s fairly well organized, and the bookmark is a godsend.

The game flows very well.  The rules are super tight, you can play games in 2 hours or less with ease even after only a few.  They also tend to make sense for the most part, there are some oddities, for example let’s say a 30 ork mob is standing around a building.  A Land Raider can see and has range on one of them the rest are out of range and behind the building.  The Land Raider proceeds to do 15 wounds.  15 orks now have to take wounds, regardless of LOS or range.  Doesn’t always make sense, but it’s very clear and explicit how it works mechanically.

The one problem is it’s still IGOUGO and, without alternating activations games can and will be decided by who gets first turn.  I imagine there will be a Warlord’s Handbook similar to AoS that will give us some kind of alternating activations to alleviate this, but for now BLOCK LOS WITH TERRAIN!  Not always an optimal option but… it’s all we have.

So I’m setting some goals for this edition.  Get my Dark Angels 5th company fully painted, with Ravenwing, Death Wing and vehicles.  Participate in either a tournament or a league every 6 months.  Get the wife to be able to paint her own army so I don’t have to do too much painting.  Learn how to airbrush, which will help the rest greatly.

Things I hope GW does:  Figure out their damn company owned retail store strategy.  All the ones in Iowa/MN are woefully understaffed, and somehow it messes with the stock going to other, frankly better, local gaming stores.  Replace half the writers writing fluff novels.  It’s amazing how poorly some of these are written.  I’d like to see more effort put into actually laying out story arcs for the characters, and I’d be real interested to see Erebus turned into something other than an awful disney villain.

SWTOR Class Breakdown

So in the current patch (5.1) the SWTOR classes fall out more or less predictably, but there’s some fun discussions to be had.  I’m not an elite endgamer but I’ve certainly played all the classes up on one faction or another enough to know how they feel, if not how good each and every one is.

Jedi Knight /Sith Warrior

The quintessential heavily armored warrior.  It breaks down into the heavily armored Guardian/Juggernaut and the medium armored dual wielding Sentinel / Marauder.

Guardian is the cooldown tank.  Want to just stop taking damage periodically?  We’ve got you covered.  It’s very much the Luke/Darth Vader, slow and steady tank, and the DPS specs are underwhelming.  Lacking a second weapon just seems to make it feel like much less damage.

Sentinel / Marauder is a highly acrobatic style.  Think Ashoka Tano.  Dual wielding, fast moving, and very hard hitting.  I’m not up to speed on which spec is best currently but I do know that it’s a class that can hit like trucks throughout a long fight.  It’s also a lot of fun to watch, but it’s frantic to play at times.

Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor

No class changes as much between specs as this one.  Shadow/Assassin is a crazy fun, but intricate tank spec, with probably the best damage specs for a tank class, while Sage/Sorcerer is a “standard” healer with a classic “mage” damage spec.  I do want to talk a bit about the damage specs here.  Sage is…. so underwhelming.  The animations are just unexciting, and the damage output is equally disappointing.  Sorcerer doesn’t do anything about the output, but you’re throwing huge bolts of lightning, lightning storms, or massive electrical blasts.  It’s just much more satisfying to watch.

Trooper / Bounty Hunter

The other Heavy Armor class, Trooper/Bounty Hunter combines the super tanky Vanguard / Powertech with the healing Commando/Mercenary spec.

I do not like tanking as a Vanguard/Powertech.  The damage feels absolutely anemic, partly due to the animations, and you don’t feel like you are DOING anything.  There’s no buffs to maintain or many cooldowns, there isn’t much interesting to actually DO other than chip away at health bars and watch yours slowly tick down.  Your passive mitigation tends to be fantastic but… it’s passive.  Definitely my least favorite class.  I also don’t like either story as much as some of the others which doesn’t help this group at all.

Commando/Mercenary is a bit more like it.  A healing spec (Healing you with BULLETS!) which is neat.  It isn’t the best healer, but it’s more than adequate, and visually Commando / Mercenary is SO much more appealing than the other specs.  The huge assault cannon, and the mercs dual wielding just throws out more shots, which is a lot more fun to see.  The story is, obviously, completely the same, but you have more fun getting through it.  It definitely feels more like a damage class with a healing tree tacked on than the Sage/Sorcs healer with a DPS ability tacked on.

Smuggler / Agent

Best story in the game?  Check.  Most fun DPS spec in the game?  Check.  Weird, but interesting healing spec?  Check.  It always seems like the Dark Horse when I’m rolling a toon, but whenever I play it MAN it’s hard to put down.

Gunslinger / Sniper – but not the sniper SPEC.  Sabotage/Engineering.  It combines the ability to be a really good turret with crazy bursts of mobility and AOE that will cover the screen in explosions and fun.  I cannot emphasize enough just how fun this spec really is I think it would be a great spec in any game, but it just feels great in Star Wars.  Added to it you get to play one of the two AMAZING storylines, the really good Smuggler or the BEST story in the game with the Imperial Agent.

Operative / Scoundrel is a bit less fun for me.  The healing class is actually really interesting, with some great heals over time.  If you are good at planning you can sustain heals seemingly forever, as long as you can plan well enough to deal with the bursts your toolkit doesn’t handle well naturally.  The DPS is sadly lacking, giving up the sniper rifle/second blaster drops your damage potential quite a bit and there’s nothing to really rescue it.  Kind of sad, it feels a bit like the class is STILL being punished for being incredibly overpowered, especially in PvP, at release.








The Truth is a Lie

No, it’s not a political post.  It’s way more divisive than that.

So GW leaked part 3 of their end times of 40k GATHERING STORM!  THE LONG AWAITED DECISION TO ADVANCE THE STORY LINE.  Guilliman, Cypher, and Grand Master Voldus.  Fighting together.  For the Imperium*.  What’s that asterisk doing there?  They are fighting for the Emperor.  Why the hell is that struck through?  What’s going on?


At least he’s wearing a helmet.

Oh.  Ok.  History lesson time.

So back during the Great Crusade the Emperor was promulgating something called the Imperial Truth.  The Imperial Truth is a very strict ideology based on secular beliefs and tied to a rational process for explaining phenomenon.  There was no religion in the Empire.  There were no gods, no demons, no magic.  There was, of course, a problem with this.  There ARE gods, there ARE demons and there IS magic.  The Imperial Truth was a device created by the Emperor to destroy the Ruinous Powers.  Basically if no one worships them, they lose power.  The idea of the Imperium was to cover the galaxy in humans to the point where xenos races might as well not exist (and soon wouldn’t) and humans didn’t believe in anything other than things with strict, rational explanations.

Unsurprisingly the Chaos Gods objected.  Rather strongly.  The end result of this strenuous objection was the Horus Heresy.  Whoever won, the Imperial Truth lost.  Hard.  The Ecclesiarchy was on the rise almost before the Emperor’s ass hit the Golden Throne.  It went so far that the Imperial Truth was quickly replaced by The Imperial Creed.  The Lectitio Divinatus  was rising even as the Heresy started.  Now the Ecclesiarchy dominates Imperial politics through a strict religious creed based on “The Emperor Protects” and “Worship the God-Emperor of Mankind!”

So Guilliman and Cypher were alive back in the Crusade Era.  They remember the Imperial Truth, and many other truths.  And they understand its importance.  What they may not understand is the importance of the Imperial Creed.  As I mentioned earlier, the goal of the Imperial Truth was basically to starve the ruinous powers of worship.  To “kill” the Chaos Gods by letting them wither on the vine.  The Chaos Gods aren’t going anywhere.  They are widely worshipped and have large and powerful armies in the form of the Chaos Legions to “recruit” followers.  So the Imperium has its own “God”.  Whatever the Emperor wanted, the spirit of the Emperor has become not just the literal guiding light of the Imperium, but also the psychic shield behind which humanity crouches to defend itself.  Without that shield the Imperium would be in a lot of trouble.

So Guilliman is back, and with him Cypher and Voldus.  Honestly Voldus is a bit of a puzzle to me.  He’s a really minor player where Guilliman and Cypher are huge pieces of the lore.  Guilliman literally wrote the book on space marines, and Cypher probably has a weekly game of cards with Cegorach to trade tricks and pranks.  But why are they on the same side?  The Fallen Dark Angels have pretty conclusively been shown in league with Chaos right?  Well… yes and no.  A significant number of them were worshippers, and Luther fell and became a Demon Prince, but many of them were just disgusted as what they saw as mistreatment at the hands of the Lion, and then got caught up in a battle when Chaos worshippers opened fire on the Lion’s fleet.  Cypher apparently represents loyalists to not only the Dark Angels Legion (as opposed to the Unforgiven) but also to the Imperial Truth.  Guilliman would be, frankly, enraged, to see what has happened.  He wrote the Codex Astartes as guidelines.  In fact he’d written much of them before the Heresy and then put his captains and chapter masters through simulated battles to teach them to go beyond them in thought and deed.  You see….


So to find the Smurf Brigade being basically thoughtless automatons, enslaved by the codex will make him unhappy.  Oh and the fact that they are RELIGIOUS FANATICS to boot will be… well.  Incendiary.

Fortunately for him the Smurfs are also obediant as a well trained dog so I’m fairly sure that all 500 Smurf-based chapters will be breaking out the blue paint and singing hymns SONGS!  SONGS of joy at the return of their beloved Primarch.

Where does this leave the Imperial Creed though?  They certainly won’t be agreeing much with the Creed, the Ecclesiarchy or even the Inquisition.  Guilliman is a pragmatist at heart but he also wants to, you know, win.  You can hold off the Chaos Gods with faith in your own Chaos God as it were, but to beat them, you need the Imperial Truth.  Cypher certainly understands this, and rumor has it that a good portion of the Dark Angels will paint their armor black and be following him.



But other Dark Angels won’t.  This leads me to believe that in 8th edition, once the dust settles from not-the-end-times, we will end up with two “Imperial” Factions.  Creedists and Truthers.  Creedists will be centered on the Ecclasiarchy, most of the Inquisition, and the Adeptus Mechanicus, and be based out of Terra.  I suspect that the Lion or Russ will be their Primarch (The Lion might also get killed during the Gathering Storm, which would make me very unhappy) and many chapters focused more on faith will be gathered to them.  The Fists (Crimson and Imperial), the Space Wolves, Black Templar, the Asmodai faction of the Unforgiven (Dark Angels and their descendents that don’t follow Cypher) Iron Hands (who are just there for the AdMech) and Blood Angels.

Truthers will be more interesting.  And also make me regret painting my Dark Angels green, I suspect.  They will be centered on Guilliman, who will start YET ANOTHER IMPERIUM.  Yes he has done it before.  His smurf legions will be the center but other, more secular legions and their descendents will be in the fold.  The Cypher faction of the Unforgiven (the Forgiven?  The None-of-your-fucking-business-whether-we’ve-been-forgiven?)  the Salamanders, Raven Guard, and probably the White Scars, and maybe the Alpha Legion.  No I’m not kidding.  I would be totally unsurprised if they came back to the Imperial Truth (NOT the Imperial Creed) and other legions could come over as well.  The Iron Warriors spring to mind.  Basically any legion that rebelled against the Emperor, but not in support of the Ruinous powers would probably see a lot to gain by leaving behind the corrupting influences of Chaos.

This would be amazing.  It would also make Imperial factions much more interesting.  And more dynamic.  Does Guilliman become accepting of the Tau?  Does Eldrad and his new pet God of Death try to work with the Ecclesiarchy?  Do we end up with two inquisitions?  I could actually see the Grey Knights going more for the Truth than the Creed.  Again, battles are fought to be won, and the Imperial Creed is a big factor in the stagnation that has taken over the Imperium.  I’m not saying this is the way things are going, but this is what I smell from the rumors.


Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy.

Two organizations I love to hate.  PETA for their overbearing moralism.  GW for… basically being GW.  Yes it’s self referential but at this point if you don’t know why “GW being GW” is bad… I don’t have 10,000 words to describe it.


There’s been some great responses.

Fur is murder. In a universe where star ships sail through a sea of liquid murder guided by a murder powered lighthouse

No.  Seriously.  The Warp is the realm of murder (and a lot of other things) and the Astronomican is powered by the souls, not just the body, and blood, but the very SOULS of psykers being consumed to power this lighthouse.

Then there’s the Daemonculaba.  1D4chan, a rather infamous hive of scum and villainy refers to this is Chaos’ “Aristocrats” joke…I’m not even going to describe it.  It’s beyond horrific.

Now let’s look at our fuzzy little cuddly bears in the 41st millennium.

Most of the ones you see are Fenrisian wolves.  Think of a horse.  No.  A draft horse.  Good.  Now bigger.  Bigger.  Bit bigger.  Ok, close enough.  Now add fangs, teeth, a skeleton that would make Wolverine blush, and add a dash of PURE RABID PSYCHOPATH.

So yes.  That fur is murder.  Angry, bitey, scratchy murder.

The Unloved Rhino

So why would anyone buy just a Rhino anymore.  Seriously.  $37 bucks.  Rhino.

Here’s your other choices.  Razorback, $42 bucks.  For 5 dollars more you can choose a pile of extra bits that give you a lot more flexibility in the build.  Basically for each Razorback you see yourself needing, you buy the kit and you can swap it for a rhino just by changing the top deck.

Then there’s the armored assault squad.  For $55 you get a Rhino, a tactical squad, and I do love the current tac squad kit, for me there’s a Dark Angel upgrade sprue.  Finally there’s one of the REALLY hard to find Dark Angels Squad Transfers.  I’d rather get one of the really big ones, but even these are really useful.  My current build needs at least 5 of them.  Either way, this is a steal at less than $20 more than the Rhino on its own.  Heck just the upgrade sprue is $14.  The squad is $40.  Another way of looking at it is, any Dark Angel player that wants a tac squad gets the transfers, the upgrade sprue, and a free Rhino.  Basically there’s a lot of value in these packs.  Where there isn’t a lot of value is in units on their own.  Any unit you are looking for, look for it in a package these days.

Dark Angels: The Models!

So I managed to get time and motivation to take pictures of the progress so far.  The goal for January is all the infantry for the first Lion’s Blade demi company.  I’ve got the two 6 man tac squads painted.  The 10 man squad I’m still working on the paint scheme for.  The old Mk III armor just needs a bit more to look like you aren’t mailing it in.

Command squad, 2 Tac squads on the left. Tac, Assault Marines, Dev squad on the right.

The models I have so far. Need a razorback, 5 assault marines, and a rhino for the devs (might add some meatshields to the devs as well)


So there’s what I have.  As you can see I’ve gotten a lot of green out there  Not much else so far.  Priority is on the big tac squad, and assault squad.  Then at least getting the vehicles colored.  I will treat myself by painting Master Balthasar at some point soon.

Detail of the Command Squad, Tac squads, and unpainted vehicles

Going to do some touching up on the tacs, but I wouldn’t mind putting them on the battlefield now.

I did some modifications on the command squad.  The sergeant has a power axe and one of the nice DA Power pistols, and the champion has a DA Power sword.  I didn’t go for the robes, but I might eventually do some.

Rather more boring

One painted model, the rest are victims of Caliban Green spray paint. Yes. I’m lazy. I am actually really looking forward to the assault squad. I do like the look and I have a chaplain with an assault pack coming.

Assault squads are really underpowered in the current edition.  I do plan on using them in a 10 man squad because I figure I need to make sure something is still there to hit when they finally arrive in close combat.


5th Company Heraldry on the Shoulder Pad

Need to touch it up quite a bit.  I like the theme so far, but as you can see there’s a lot of details that I could add to it, but at a certain point I’m worried it will look busy, but anything short and it might look like I’m mailing it in.


Echoed the heraldry on the front bone and black faceplate. Gold eyes. Also figuring what to do with the other shoulderpad.

I will be doing transfers on the shoulders.  That will help a lot.  But below the waist there won’t be a lot of detail, just highlighting and shading and… I’m not sure.


More details to pick out and repair, But you can see where it’s going.

One last Mk III view.  Got to fix the eye and the helmet, but not too much else, just highlighting, the bolter, and shading.

So the next project is the Mk III tac squad.  Then I’ll probably do the Chapter Master.  Depending on the weather I’ll be spraying the vehicles I have, to get them to mean green machines.  Beyond that I’ll be working on the assault squad.  I do need to work on how many devastators I want to have in this squad (and in the other squad).