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Little Green Men Week 2: Tabletop Ready at least


A little bit past the 3 color standard.  There’s a lot of touch up to do but it shouldn’t take too long.  Getting the wings to stay on should be an ongoing challenge.


This guy came out well.  His sword arm wouldn’t come off so painting his chest wasn’t the easiest.  Also one of his shoulder pads was primed black and every other model in the squad primed white so he will probably get a lot of touch up to balance that out.  3.jpg

I love this guy’s post.  And I hope I can get that grate off the base so I can base him properly…


You’ve met the sarge


Old breastplate, Good pose, and will be easy to base.  The only down side to this guy is he faces “down” a bit more than I’d like.


I need to turn his head.  Iconography came out real well.

I’m torn about highlighting these guys the way I did the others.  I know I need to do a little but their base color is much brighter than the rest of the troops and I don’t want to make them insanely bright.  Their details are well picked out already in normal lighting and unlike the Mk III armored troops who look really boring, these guys are very dynamic and interesting without the TRON highlights.

OH and you don’t get views of the back because I need to add fire effects.  Next week I might do a character, I might finish the land raider.  It’s a BUSY week.  The week following I’m planning on doing Inceptors.

Project: Little Green Men

23874426_10160000421035221_633494651_o.jpgThe battle company continues to grow.  I actually haven’t bought anything since…. The repulsor?  The Inceptors?  I do have lots left to assemble though, including a flyer, knight, bikes, attack bike, and another speeder.  I do need to buy Hellblasters for the 10th squad but there’s plenty of sales coming up for that!

I also will be painting up some extra troopers to allow me to substitute weapons in the razorback squads (1-3) BUT

23897032_10160000421450221_1480783558_o.jpgThat’s almost an entire battle company of Dark Angels!  Organized how I figure they’d be post-Primaris.  I may add another squad of intercessors as I like the models quite a bit and I even think they’ll be useful on the table.  The downside is that would require another repulsor and I do NOT like building repulsor tanks.  They are great on the tabletop but they are a hobbyists nightmare.


Two squads completely or near completely done.  1st and 2nd need a good bit of touching up.  Vehicles are in various states of completion (I didn’t realize the one rhino was practically done, that will probably get finished very soon) then… well I need to figure out what I want to do.  Lieutenants are soon, but I want to wait until the DA Primaris LT comes out and get all three at once.  Bikes, Assault Marines, Inceptors and the Speeder in the back are all high priority.  Most likely I will do the Assault marines (not pictured are 4 more with wings that I left in pieces for ease of painting) and then Inceptors (which may or may not get changed for the plasma guns.  Dark angels and all).  Then Bikes, then the rest of the tacs.  Vehicles and characters will get mixed in as well.

I’d like to get all this done by April.  The goal is finish a unit per week.  This week I’m finishing 3rd squad, just some edge highlights to do.  Next week I’ll take on the assault marines with wings, followed by the ones without.  Then I’ll do the Lieutenants, and probably the Techmarine that’s staring at me.  Then vehicle finishing (the three rhino variants that aren’t done) and maybe a character.  So by the end of the year there should be 10 fully painted assault marines, 5 with wings stolen from the lesser angels chapter, 3 Lieutenants, maybe a techmarine, all the rhino type vehicles,

Sounds like a schedule.  Let’s see how it goes!  I’ll try to update this weekly to show you my progress.