Nevermind that shit. Here comes Kirith!

Over at Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah Kirith Kodachi has posted a bit of internet gold.  Allow me to quote

the best end game content is other players. Bar none.

Some of the greatest satisfactions I’ve had in EvE haven’t been in EvE.  They’ve been on this blog, or on the forums surrounding the game.  The end game isn’t Regulos, Deathwing, Malgus, or even Sansha Kuvakei.  The end game is the community, it is rising out of the mass of pretty faces to become a voice, a leader, an influence on a larger community than your pub rooms and corp/alliance chats.

By not putting a huge endgame boss in-game CCP has created a situation where the villain for one person is usually another person.  For a long time for me it was R3dskull.  Now in Nulli Tertius.  Then it was Gods[insert descriptive term] then for a while it was goons/test/russians.  Now… now I’m mostly focused on having fun and avoiding the Debbie Downers of EvE.

Returning to Kirith’s point, EvE’s long-lasting appeal is the people that play it.  The endlessly inventive.  The endlessly brilliant.  To the endlessly cruel and entertaining.  Also:  Start bugging sassy to do more art and Helicity moar bloggingg.

People leave the community, some with fame and fond farewells, like Mynxee some with a kick n the pants and a shove towards the door, like Ankh.  And new ones come in.  We lose Lost in Lowsec, we get Sand, Cider, and Spaceships.  The cycle continues.  Endgame iteration in EvE happens through the players.  CCP puts sand in the sandbox, we build castles, we destroy them, and we blog about it and chestbeat on the forums.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. Its like an old corpmate of mine used to say, “its not what you do in EVE, its who you do it with.”

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