Still Kicking, Be Bold

Today I’m going to give new players some advice.  From Courage Wolf

You are gonna lose a lot of ships learning to play EvE.  That’s the way the game is.  Don’t fly anything you cannot afford to lose and you can afford the lessons.

Fly through the blue explosion.  Even if you hit structure first you might pull off a win, keep trying, don’t give up, and spam warp to get your pod out.  If you keep your head on you will lose a lot fewer ships.

Awesome stuff happens because you tried something stupid and the other guy responded with bigger stupid.   The only way you can score those awesome kills is by putting yourself at risk.  Go out there, get the kills, brag if you must.

Learn to take care of yourself, or find (competent) friends to do it for you. Hint:  CCP isn’t your friend.  If you make someones life hard they will stop making yours hard.

There’s a million things to do in EvE.  If you are happy with what you are doing, fantastic.  If not, see above.  Find something challenging and do it.  In a cheap ship.

This is what separates the men from the boys.  I don’t care about the ships sitting in a station 12 jumps away.  You can have all the bright blingy super-death in the world docked up.  What are you gonna bring to fight me.  Station sitting smack talkers should also ready this.

If you ever find yourself typing “Or I’ll quit” on the forums:  Read this.  No one cares about people who quit.  Even CCP usually responds with a “meh”

EvE will kick you in the nuts, steal your wallet while you are down piss on you, steal your phone and call your girlfriend telling her she should go out with EvE instead.  You have to be tougher to play with the big boys.

Don’t worry about bad shit that happened 2 or 3 years ago.  That’s centuries in EvE terms.  Worry about what you are doing today, what you can do tomorrow and what you might do in 2 months.

Figure out what you want to see yourself doing.  Figure out what needs to happen for you to do it.  Make it happen.  Don’t expect CCP’s help.


I’m using it every time I can

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  1. But… if you only fall down seven times, from what position do you stand up the eighth time?

  2. Or as LTG Moore said: “Three strikes, and you’re NOT out…” you might like my last poast on the leadership subject with the vid from Gen Moore. I’m sure being an NCO you’ve seen it, but there’s a lot of other people out there, especially in EVE, who NEED TO see it. 🙂

    • I’d be a bigger LTG Moore fan if he didn’t stagger drunkenly from ambush to ambush reenacting the habits of his hero BG George “worst bad hair day ever” Custer. Neither of them holds a candle to Buford who doesn’t even make the 1st Cav Musem.

  3. What if you wake up and go upstairs to find your mother moved out during the night? And remember, you can’t go beg for your old “job” at Blockbuster because they went out of business.

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