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Kirith Kodachi says that we should “Wait and see” what CCP does, see http://www.ninveah.com/2011/06/wait-and-see.html.  The problem with that is that by the time they start to DO something, they will not change it.  Captains Quarters are here.  Its not going away and we are almost certainly NOT getting back the old “Ship Hovering in the Hangar” view.  This is because CCP needs the money from “micro” transactions to fund the development of WoD and Dust 514.  Basically they have spent a TON of money developing these properties and are just bleeding money.

CCP Needs fresh income, if all they were doing was EvE, they’d be in phenominal shape.  However they are developing two expensive IPs, one of which is years off, and one of which is around the corner.  CCP Wants you looking at your avatar, they need you to see something you can make better in the aurum store to drive up demand and make more money.  Its too late to change these things.  Which is exactly why it is entirely correct to be upset with CCP when they start talking about game-changing AUR items.  Once they start doing it they won’t go back, they cannot afford to lose that income stream once they have invested man-hours and the money there in it.  Better to nip the problem in the bud early and keep them from investing in the first place.

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  1. “Captains Quarters are here. Its not going away and we are almost certainly NOT getting back the old “Ship Hovering in the Hangar” view. This is because CCP needs the money from “micro” transactions to fund the development of WoD and Dust 514. ”

    I think this is too cynical insofar as CCP started down this path because they justifiably thought that EVE with avatars would be significantly more popular than with only spaceships. *If* in a year we’re walking in stations for real, and it is working well, then we could be talking about, say, a 50% increase in subs, doubling or tripling two to three years out.

    The alternative is just to put EVE in maintenance mode, which clearly a vocal segment of the playerbase would prefer.

  2. The vocal segment of the playerbase would prefer MORE SPACESHIPS FOCUS ON THE SPACESHIPS THIS IS A GAME ABOUT SPACESHIPS!!!!

    The problems with EvE weren’t:
    #1. Not enough avatar interaction,
    #2 Not enough ways to spend money,
    #3 all that other stuff.

    The problems are:
    #1 We haven’t had a meaningful new ship since the T3s came out,
    #2 supercaps are WAY too overpowered and are the only meaningful ships once the sec status hits 0.0,
    #3 lowsec is mostly a wasteland, and
    #4 the learning curve is too steep.

    only one of these was even partially addressed in Incarna.

    Instead CCP has spent $25 million in the last year developing WoD and Dust 514 according to their own books and has turned to milking their EvE players 60 bucks a monocle to try to make up their shortfalls. *slow clap* The point behind Incarna isn’t JUST to try to bring in more players, its more of a helpful side effect. Incarna is a test bed for their engine for World of Darkness. It also allows them to make more money by selling vanity items, and it probably will bring in new subscribers, but only if they iterate on it like they never have in their companies history. You want to see some unfulfilled promises? Here’s Seleene back when he worked for CCP talking about plans for Dominion. Tell me how much is missing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHYcrow4ZUU

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