Crucible: Starts with Boredom

So Crucible is out, and for people in WH it starts with a boom.  1 per planet in fact.  Many people are starting their experience with an orgy of structure shooting.  WH Denizens who don’t have a ton of damage on hand for structure shooting are having to kill 15 million HP / planet.  I’m not a fan of structure shooting.  Especially when I don’t have a dreadnought or 8 handy.  Time to plan better.

The new backgrounds are stunning, and the warp effects are neat.  Makes people want to hum the theme to Dr. Who.  Engine trails are fun and add yet more “classic Sci-Fi” feel to the game.  All in all the game is more enjoyable to play in the sense that actually playing the game looks and feel better due to visual effects and a few subtle changes.  I do have to say I still have issues with some character recognition.  I’m not sure if it feels like it’s more of an issue because it’s been pointed out as easier or not.  However the warp trails, cyno’s (even out of Jita) and the nebulae make warping around more fun, and it’s easier too, thanks to the new “Jump” button.

The new “Jump” button, or the new functionality at least, comes with some price.  A fleet I was in gatecamping a highsec gate managed to lose a member who hit Jump instead of Warp from his on-grid pounce, and didn’t realize the seriousness of his mistake until CONCORD showed up.  Might be a good time to turn on your warnings pirates!

The new BCs have a feeling of grace and power to them.  Glancing at the numbers tells me they aren’t even as sturdy as wet tissue paper, but they are capable of dishing out heavy, heavy damage. They might be the boat of choice for dealing with structures in mass-limited scenarios for the near future.  I’ve even seen a few in Incursion fleets, which I do not understand at all as I think even the modest alpha of vanguard sites could easily trash them.

The Oneiros is a tantalizing piece of ordnance.  With speed similar to a Scimitar, and rather more tank, it offers a non-paired armor tank ship that can keep up with fast gangs and provide moderate repping support, if not quite as well as paired basilisks.  It’s low sig radius and good-but-not-great agility make it quite interesting and I’ve got a few fits to look at very hard over the next few weeks.

What about Major Kong?

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