My Fleet vs. Your Fleet

So it’s been a rough week for S I L E N T.  In fact it’s been this kind of week


One of the problems of growing alliances is that you always end up with a lot of people who don’t know what they are doing.  Either completely, or just in the context of their current alliance.

Part of this can be dealt with by improving communications, whether it is in forums, evemail, bulletins etc.  Having something that people can refer to for information is hugely important.  The biggest part is operating together.  Right now we are planning large number of T1 cruiser and cheapfleet roams to allow people to get used to operating with the FCs in some capacity or another.

So we keep plugging away, killing and losing ships and hoping that we manage to get our killboard back in the black as soon as possible. *sigh*

I'm using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Great picture. One disturbing trend i’ve been noticing is people lemming themselves through gates by jumping because they accidently clicked the jump command instead of warp. In the past, people jumping through without being ordered was always an issue, but i’ve definitely noticed an increase in that activity lately.

    And then theres the side effect of the semi-afk person seeing someone jump through and thinking they missed a command, jumping through as well…before you know it sets off a chain reaction and now half your gang has gone through the gate…


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