See Little Slavers? Uncle Hans Loves You.

From The Minutes.

CCP Ytterbium then proceeded to comment on Hans’ own suggestions regarding system upgrades,
the first of which was to move the station lockout consequence to an upgrade feature, instead of a
static consequence to system ownership. This would enable the underdog factions to gain a
foothold in the system they are trying to conquer, by plexing a system enough to bleed the I-hub
and enabling docking rights for the duration of the siege.
Hans explained that it would embolden groups like the Amarr that currently feel “stuck” to make
plans and execute system takeovers with greater tactical flexibility.
CCP Ytterbium offered up the idea of attaching the lockout to a level 3 or level 4 upgrade level,
agreeing that “this would be a fair compromise.”

The blogosphere has been erupting all day with defenses and attacks on Hans as a result of his “Exploit” and of course reading through the minutes (because studying banking materials for my new job 2 weeks before taking 13 credits of accounting classes isn’t dull enough) I fall on that gem.

Hans has been a thoroughly solid CSM.  He has his bailiwick and he generally sticks to it, without prejudice.  As a member of the most dominant FW group he has established a solid coverage of Faction Warfare not Late Night Alliance or even Escaped Slaves Anonymous as a faction.  Or whatever they are called.  He has repeatedly called for folks from all factions to join his Skype channel to share ideas on how to make the community better.  This isn’t Mittens railing for/against whatever the windsock is indicating, or sometimes shoving the windsock around to allow him to rant more clearly, this isn’t Mynxee shouting into the dark for months before finally getting CCP to commit to some reforms, this isn’t even Meissa accruing enough tenure that he probably is getting health benefits from CCP at this point.  I should mention that I actually admire all of these CSMs as players and reps, but I think that Hans gets the whole “Service” portion of being a representative, and has used his voice, position and luck in being selected at the right time to make his voice heard.

Seleene and Trebor seem to have run large portions of it, or at least run their mouths a lot, and all of the CSMs seemed involved, even Kelduum shined for moments, and seriously if you want to whine about a CSM taking advantage of exploits think about his Dec-Shield that he had running forever.

Hans didn’t get the trip, the tour, and didn’t even get to see much of the material presented because he wasn’t on-site and they couldn’t transmit to him, but he was there for damn near every meeting I can see missing only 4, and made his contributions known.  His inability to project a real presence probably hurt him but as a community we literally have only ourselves to blame for it.

I had hoped CCP, in reconsidering the role of the CSM, would focus on having CSMs run for specific positions even possibly using my own writing on the subject.  Clearly that didn’t happen and it looks like the CSM will continue in a slightly modified if at all election format.  Also take a look at the ship rebalancing.  SOOOOOO much goodness in there.  Need to get un space-poor, need to log in more and play.  Stupid job + school coming up.

I’m using it every time I can

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