Apex Bex Batphone Episode 879: French Fries

So my buddy Apex Bex called me again to join them to bash a nice juicy wormhole.  So I bring a nice shiny Oracle.  We pew pew a few towers, fleet is big enough and towers are poorly enough configured that, hey, it goes fast.  But it could go faster so I turn the Oracle over to some random fleet member who can use the upgrade, and go get a Geddon fit for POS bashing.  We settle back in and continue bashing the POS, debating what to call the Bubble Wrap we are putting on the POS towers, and generally doing the normal wormhole control shenanigans.  I even took some sexy screenies.



Turns out our opponents were not wasting the time panicking.  They were panicking AND getting on the batphone.  They popped a few of our ships in an initial tussle at the wormhole and we were split, half inside, half outside, and a nasty looking T3/logi gang sitting on the bubbled wormhole.

We hit our own batphone, which turned out to be a pretty decent batphone.  We honestly brought the blob.  It was not nice.

No One Likes The Blob

So we stomped them.  Hard.  It was the schoolyard bully picking on the kid in a wheelchair.  With a club.  The people inside the POS warped at a decent range to get their attention on us and get them moving off the hole, then another 40+ showed up in the highsec local and warped the 3 AU to the WH entrance.  The hostile fleet started moving and our timing was as close to perfect as can be.  Caught between two fires they melted, at first their reps held easily but as soon as our reinforcements landed the rout was on.  Ship after ship popped or staggered back into highsec, bleeding air and fire as our guns blasted again and again, wreaking havoc on those unable to escape.  The only thing that saved any of them was our lack of webs, and some discipline issues with split damage.  We won through a combination of numbers, luck, and timing.

… And you go long!

We managed to prepare ourselves to use tactics that allowed us to pull them away from safety by lulling them with our initial inability to damage them.  Our reinforcements were sufficiently unscouted that, even though our opposition had to know SOMETHING was coming, they were unaware of the extent of it.  Our logistics held up our main ships and then we collapsed the house on them.  The final results were lopsided.  They don’t seem to have posted the few kills they got, so we cannot see their whole fleet but we know it was based around 4 guardians and 9 T3 cruisers, 3 each Loki, Legion, and Proteus.  The wormhole had a bonus to armor ships, so my fleet also had 0 Drakes.  I like that.  We also did lousy damage.  Between T3 resists, increased armor resists, and a signature bonus, my guns may as well have been firing puffballs.  Still we managed to bring enough of them to hit the enemy hard and take out more than a few shinies, and drop some SP from our foes.  Always a nice plus when it comes to T3s.

Fleet command had a few issues.  I’m red to a goodly number of people in that fleet and while I was giving advice, I was nearly primaried a few times due to “overview glitches” and there were a few times the guy directing all the efforts between inside and outside had to be…. guided into tactics that were moderately less suicidal.  While we clearly weren’t in danger of losing the field, we could have ended up trapped too close to the T3s without sufficient logi, burned to a crisp and all the T3s ready to jump out as soon as our reinforcements arrived.  Fortunately some smart pilots and leadership willing to listen avoided that fiasco.  In addition our reinforcements managed to burn down from null FAST, in the right ships and with a leader who could step up and take over in the fight.

Tomorrow I might even have my FRAPS recording edited and ready to go.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. I’m telling you, I was there…

  2. mother F**ker u forgot my neardeath experience in my geddon

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