No guys. Just no.

So there were two comments out of the 6V fight that I just cannot agree with.  The first one is from the normally brilliant Ripard Teg who believes

that there was some kind of back-channel negotiated peace offered by TEST over the weekend… and the CFC rejected it out of hand.  I said last week that Fountain has traditionally been the road to an invasion of Delve.  Goons have about a 50/50 success rate at invading Delve.

I have to ask:  Why the HELL would Goons invade Delve?  They have just come out of a lengthy, painful, but successful war.  They still have a LOT of structures to shoot, and probably it will be one helluva grind to get rid of the structures involved.  Finally there’s claiming such sov as they do want to, mostly to keep TEST from having easy access to the moons that Goons fought to take.  Finally:  Goons don’t hate TEST.  They don’t want to destroy the alliance, they don’t want to salt their fields.  They want to go back to the old relationship where there’s two coalitions and they work in concert.  Just with more wealth in the Goons pockets.  That’s probably not too realistic but it’s a helluva lot more than expecting Goons to find someone ELSE they want to install in Delve and keep watch over.

Second there’s a gem from Gevlon.

The propaganda of TEST bankruptcy will end just as fast as “N3 is destroyed by the sov-dropping director”. TEST can no longer bankrupt. Moons can be taken, members not. As long as there are members loging in, there will be ISK in the chest, therefore there will be SRP. As long as there is SRP, there will be PvP-er to fly them. As the funds increase, more will be available for “get your first battleship for free” or “hourly pay for structure grinders” or free slowcats.

No.  What’s more FUCK no.  Depending on the wealthy in your corp or alliance to pay for everything is a bad idea.  It’s a historically bad idea.  Now that’s not saying I don’t practice it myself, but I’m leading a corp with 20 guys.  Doing it for an alliance with 500 times that?  TERRIBAD.  FUCKING TERRIBAD.  It’s a band-aid on an amputated arm.  It’s one thing to do this for a single war.  It’s another to try to make this policy.  The idea that “Moons can be taken, members not” is ridiculous.  Members don’t have to be taken.  They just have to lose interest.  They just have to see their hard earned isk wasted by untalented leadership.  They just have to leave the corp.  That moon will pump out it’s mud as long as you hook a POS up to it.  Depending on your members is like betting on the Battlestar Galactica.  Rooting for it?  Sure.  Betting on it?  Fuck no.  That bitch is going DOWN.  The other side has reliable sources of income and replenishment.  Galactica has only what it brought with it and what it can scrounge on the way.  Take out the Hollywood element and who wins?

So let’s put these together.  TEST has a very precarious, undependable strategy that simply begs to fall apart under pressure, looks like a really tempting target, especially after all the fighting that’s already happened right? Not so fast speedy.  The main opponents aren’t TEST.  They are ennui, boredom, and motivation.  Why the hell do Goons want Delve?  What is going to keep them interested in fighting hundreds of structures that don’t shoot back, night after night, for months?  How will they keep their members in a region SO far from home for a goal that probably doesn’t interest any of them at all?

So my money is on Goons doing no more than harassing TEST.  MAYBE taking a staging station or two.  Which is good for TEST because anyone who thinks you can win a war by depending on the kindness of strangers is kidding themselves.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. I don’t think taxing or looking for donation from members is a bad idea. After all, isn’t that how it works in real world? U.S government would not depend on natural resources it controls, but rather on taxes collected from citizens.

    Moreover, isn’t it a good idea as it ensures that members and the leaders can more or less be on the side every time? If losing members is equal to losing income, there is pretty strong reason for the leadership to stay close with its members.

    • There’s a BIG difference between taxes and donations. Which do you think the US Government gets more from, taxes it has the power to enforce and collect, or donations?

      • So we can agree with that a sound and stable income base is better, and whether moons or members are more dependable is something remains to be seen.

      • Sure it remains to be seen. In the same way that spears vs. guns remains to be seen. Goons enjoyed a very smooth process throughout this war whereas TEST had a herky-jerky stream of undependable replacements coming through.

        The ability to control how and when you get your money is vital. Donations don’t let you control how and when. Having to wait for some rich benefactor to come in the door isn’t control.

  2. Cause goons aren’t taxing they’re members…..

  3. People bad in economics see moons as passive income. They are not. They need insane amount of man-hours taking and defending them.

    Why is it normal to depend on having hundreds of people spending their time defending your moon while depending on people spending their time making ISK for you is dumb?

    • Because it’s a lot easier t find hundreds of poor people to defend a moon than it is to find rich saps to pay all the bills constantly. Sure you can do it for a week, but there’s a reason governments aren’t run like charities.

  4. I hope you’re right about Goons and TEST. But every signal I’m seeing seems to indicate that the war’s going to keep rolling south. But again, I hope you’re right.

  5. Oh, one other thing. Keep in mind that five days ago, I said myself that Goons would probably stop at Fountain and had no reason to invade Delve. Things just seem to have changed since then.

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