My GOD You’re a Bunch of Whiners

Seriously.  Turbine announces that Helms Deep will require people to pay for the expansion to continue the storyline and an element of the LotRO playerbase LOSES its SHIT.  Turbine has once again shown us that developers are just griefers that took it to the big leagues.  I haven’t seen tears like this since the death of can-mining.  This is right up there with the Vaga losing its frill.  Let’s go right to the trenches.  A wonderful thread called “The Last Straw for FreeToPlay”

Ive been reading some of the forum posts about HD and I am horrified
The Epic now for VIP’s only.
Thats it, FreeToPlay is now FreeToSuffer
Turbine fix it, or you’ll lose all your people to RIFT, DDO, RoM and WoW.

OP getting us off to a nice start.  Bring out the tear buckets!  Never mind that it actually ISN’T a requirement that you subscribe (VIPs are subscribers) never mind that he is ignoring the fact that you can (all for free) download the game, set up your account, and follow the Fellowship of the Ring from (Bree/The Shire/Ered Luin) all the way to the Eastenmet of Rohan, without paying a damn penny.  Never mind that you can pay for every expansion with an in-game currency that you are more than welcome to grind out fulfilling in-game activities.  This git doesn’t even get that leaving LotRO for DDO would be as effective as leaving Aion for GW2.  It’s the same company.

For me it is not about what is free and what is not free, it is the fact they gave a promise and are now going back on it. It is also not the first time they have done so. When they were talking about F2P and the store they said it would not sell gear but now it sells low level gear. When they said they were bringing the low level gear to the store they said it wont sell end game gear, now I have lost all confidence in that claim.

Also if you make a promise but are unable to keep it at a future date, at least apologize for not being able to keep it.

Yeah, that level 25 set of armor they sell so you can skip a few skirms or some of the sillier price jumps in the auction house is just a horrible tihng.

Now here’s one that isn’t that much better in “context”

A better car analogy is that Turbine is like a car company requiring that you buy the Ferrari before they’ll even let you have a test drive. Those VIP Access fees are non-refundable, of course, unlike a purchased Ferrari.

If playing to level 85 in a game isn’t a “Test Drive”… what is?  Although I have heard you can join the battle WELL before 85, I’m sadly ignorant to most of Helms Deep.

There’s more, both in that threads and in the bittervet threads elsewhere.  LotRO is at a point where the game is coming up with increasingly innovative systems to keep itself afloat.  I would love to see another game that has a system as complex as the Legendary Item system for LotRO that lets you build up your own unique weapon.  Sure it’s old, and could use an update so you really do build and develop it like you want, but it’s still an amazing system.  Now let’s look at Skirmishes.  Scale-able instances, that scale along three axes, player level, party size, and a tier, all of which provide an individual adjustment to the balance of the encounters.  Sure the bosses are “single mechanic” bosses with a few exceptions, but the challenge is quite real.  Mounted combat.  MOUNTED.  COMBAT.  THAT WORKS.  Go ahead.  Find THAT in WoW.  PvP!  actually.  Screw the PvP.  Now they are going to add big huge battles!

And that’s the crux of the issue.  Huge battles don’t come cheap.  Doing them right is expensive.  Capturing the right flavor, while giving the PCs the ability to influence things… is a HUGE challenge.  I imagine it required a lot of resources to develop, program, and playtest.  Sure Turbine wants money for you to play with their new toy!  They developed it, poured hundreds of hours into it, show some appreciation you git!


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  1. Ib4 Stealth Incarna Post.

  2. Oh no, the company (and there workers) actually want money from me. They don’t give me all the fun for free, how dare they?
    Is your job funded by love and friendship? So you get payed for your job? You see? No?
    Well than as Corelin put it ” They developed it, poured hundreds of hours into it, show some appreciation you git!”

    Good post, nice tears, and damn bad customers who want everything for free.

    • As little interest as I have in LotRO, I still feel like some defense ought to be mounted here. As exaggerated and melodramatic as the whining is, the blanket dismissal of complaints based on the fact that free play is free demonstrates a very poor understanding of the F2P model and how it is meant to work.
      Corelin put forward enough points to convince me that what we’re seeing is not, in fact, an inconsiderate and shortsighted slight to F2P players that undercuts the very model on which the F2P option rests (for the most part, anyway. A few arguments could be raised, but they aren’t particularly compelling).

      Boiling it all down to “anyone who complains about F2P limitations is a fool that does not understand the most basic of all economic principles,” however, is foolish itself, both dismissing the well-reasoned positions of thoughtful F2P advocates in a great many other cases and doing a disservice to Corelin by oversimplifying and ultimately undermining his well-considered position.

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