Corelin is Dead. Long Live Corelin Lintu

So I’ve more or less given up on EvE.  It just doesn’t have the draw for me anymore.  It’s too hard to find interesting people doing interesting things for me anymore.  I’m not dropping the Corelin persona in my gaming however, I am adapting him, and the Lintu clan to other games.  First up:  FF XIV

So I’ve been a Final Fantasy fan ever since the very first game hit my old NES.  I’ve played to completion every main sequence game except 8 (I cannot stand Squall) and played all the Tactics, Mystic Quest, etc.  I never got into FF XI very much because it came too early for me to really get into.  Boy did I get into XIV though.  I played it after release when it hit the main stage like a rotten tomato.  I don’t know what it was supposed to be, but it was a clean miss.  It didn’t feel like much of anything, from a Final Fantasy game, to a Top Flight MMO, to a Grindbox game.  It was just a wild mishmash, a Chimera launched malformed into the world.  It was actually fun, but definitely not worth the $14.99 a month.

So Squenix bit the bullet, fired some people, moved others around, and reborned it.  Let me give you my unvarnished opinion of it.  First the good

  • Graphics are great, this is a visually stunning game, that does full justice to the sort of majesty we have come to expect from a Final Fantasy game.
  • The music is amazing.  Seriously.  Battle Music is better than world themes, but when has that not been the case with Final Fantasy?  Let me give you A FEW EXAMPLES.  Yes the last one is a bit odd.
  • Fan service.  2 of those 3 songs are references to previous games.  Battle on the Bridge is one of the more famous FF themes.  Good King Moggle Mog is one of the crazier fights, especially as it has you smashing moggles, who are normally (literally) falling all over themselves to help you.  Chocobos are huge.  Goobues.  Coerls.  Primals/Summons/Name it.
  • Long Global Cooldown.  I wish they used this better but I love how that 2.5 second GCD gives you plenty of time to plan out your move and act or react to the fight rather than spamming through your rotation/priority tree.
  • Enough Story.  Rather than being a primarily story-drive game like Star Wars, or barely bothering with the story like WoW, this game finds a happy medium.  The story is there.  You will play through it once, but if you don’t want to pay attention, you don’t have to.  I barely did until I got to bits I liked.  I will mention that I *HATE* Western Thanalan.
  • Combat in general is very good.  Some of the animations are repetitive.  Arcanists hold their book one way.  That’s it.  Kinda dull for 50 levels and countless dungeons.  Ditto for all the magic users.  Still there’s plenty going on.  ALL the fights require you to think, move, and react to your opponent.  All of them.  That level 3 rat has an AoE that will make you very sad if you stand in it.

Now the not so good

  • The game is a tiny bit cutesy for the “serious” gamer.  It doesn’t always take itself seriously, and this includes ALL aspects of the game.  If you beat Thornmarch and get moogle gloves before finishing your relic quest as a monk you are gonna look like this for a while.

    Yes, those are Moogle heads.

    Now that’s fine for some people.  Including me actually.  But sometimes you will be wanting to feel like a hardcore badass, and you are partied with three Lalafell geared out in full up Kawaii gear.  You can zoom out and ignore it, but it’s still an issue, and an understandable one.

  • The game bogs down in places.  1-50 isn’t smooth, and some endgame gear will be gotten all out of order.  You will get your ilvl 80 weapon before you get much more than a handfull of pieces of other gear.
  • Endgame on the whole was VERY week until a couple weeks ago, now it is smoother, but still could use some help.  I do believe they are working on it, but it is more of a work in progress than it should be.
  • It’s a very Japanese game.  Grinding is a perfectly acceptable thing to put in for them, to the point where mindless repetition of quests or quest equivalents is just fine by the devs.  In addition sometimes the game feels VERY different from a European/American MMO.  Be it WoW or LotRO or SWTOR these games have a lot in common.  This game defies some of that.  It’s not all comfortable for us Americans, although I do like changing things up, sometimes I want to know WHY things are a certain way.
  • I don’t like the crafting.
  • I don’t like the gathering.
  • Housing is expensive.  *Really* expensive.

All in all it’s very fun.  The community is quite helpful, and jerks get called out more often than they don’t.  That’s big for me.  The staff is responsive to petitions, and other than the occasional grindbox segment, the game is just fun.  Seriously watch that Gilgamesh fight and tell me that doesn’t look like a blast.

Later this month I’m going to talk about how bad I am at World of Tanks, and since it’s Sexual Assault Awareness month I will probably talk about why everything you were told about consent is school is horrible.  Till then fly safe, enjoy your game and be excellent to each other.  In addition I’m working on the old podcast and streaming with Matt from the podcast on occasion.

Also:  Gonna need some new art.


¢ontext ¢ounts

Ok, this is a follow on the my post $ensational(ism) from the other day.  And since I used the Dollar sign there, I’m throwing the Cent sign here.  At the end of $ensational(ism) I threw out a statement that hadn’t really been introduced or supported, and I didn’t really like leaving it out there.  It’s kind of an itch that I need to scratch.

Battles don’t happen in a vacuum.  There’s a rich context for them.  There’s a reason for them, and that reason tells part of the story.  For example let’s look at the Halloween war.  N3 booted Solar out of that bastion of Russian Rodina, the Eastern Drone Regions.  Because EvE has always been at war with Eastasia.  In fact I think this poster could be a great EvE recruiting poster:

Starring The Mittani as Emmanuel Goldstein and Big Brother all at once.

Starring The Mittani as Emmanuel Goldstein and Big Brother all at once.

So N3 has gone after the Russians.  PL is backing them because they are bored and getting paid (presumably) Goons are backing the Russians because the one thing the Goons will almost always do is help the Russians and the only people the Russians can be absolutely counted on to help is the Goons.  They have had each other’s back for a long time.

Added to the fun:  PL and Goons have a deep and complex relationship.  Frenemies is probably too strong, but Friendly Rivals certainly isn’t too strong a term.  Their mutual history runs a long damn time, and includes a lot of knives in a lot of backs.  Right now they trust each other in that way you trust someone who you know is planning to knife you at some point, just not this week.

On to the point.  Right now CCP is seeing a huge rush of people trying out EvE due to the media coverage of B-R.  These players joined because they saw huge space battles, they saw huge numbers of players, of dollars, of explosions.  Right now a lot of them are finding out 2 things.  First:  This game is COMPLICATED.  Second:  You can get into a lot of content in a hurry if you make the right connections, but it might not be for you, and even if it is it might not be the best thing.  CCP has sold people a game where you fight battles with thousands of players, in a universe where you can make a mark forever.  What they didn’t mention too loudly was that there’s not many battles that big, and except for the statue, the odds of you making your mark in any lasting way are pretty small.  Sure you can be bold, lead, and do great things.  You can also get chased out in ignominy in three weeks.

Now just in case you are a new player looking for tips, here’s some for you:

  1. Don’t fit warp core stabs.  Just don’t.
  2. Ask questions.  If you don’t get answers you can understand, ask again somewhere else.
  3. Find a community to be a part of.  You don’t have to actually join a corp, but you really should start making friends ASAP.
  4. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.
  5. Try different things.
  6. Ask for help.
  7. Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.
  8. Don’t fit stabs.
  9. Fill the slots on your ship.
  10. 1 tank per ship please
  11. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose
  12. and Don’t.  Fit.  Stabs.
I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can


So a lot of people in the media have been talking about the $300 battle.  This is both true, and disingenuous.  If I were to throw down 300k in cash on Plex, and convert them into ISK, assuming I managed to not crash the market, I would have enough ISK to buy the ships that were lost in the battle.  I could not, however, take the ships that were lost in the battle, and sell them for ISK, convert them back to PLEX, and sell them for real money.  The mechanisms and rules of the game don’t allow it.  I could probably sell some of them for real money, I think we all know or at least believe this to be the case.

Today I heard NPR’s Marketplace interview The Mittani.  Mittens does a good job selling the concept of the $300k battle.  He mentions that there were people who spent money out of the game to buy ships in game.  Now this is not necessarily accusing people of RMT, although he certainly implies a degree of condescension towards the practice of using real money in any way to buy ships, by specifying that he knew that people on the losing side had done this.  I think no one even vaguely familiar with Goons would be in any way surprised to find that there were several people in goons who’d PLEXed for ships; and there’s nothing wrong with this.  Hell I’ll be doing so later this month.

The Mittani and CCP both have become victims of their propaganda, and the long-term prejudices of MMOs.  RMT is bad.  This is a very simple, and generally true statement, but not all RMT is bad.  EvE has a lot of grinds and the game allows you to buy game time, sell it to other players, and buy whatever they want with the proceeds.  This does far less damage to the economy than wholesale, unregulated third party RMT.  It does permit “Wallet Warriors” to bling out there ships and do a hell of a lot, but due to the incremental increases in capabilities offered, it doesn’t give massive, overwhelming advantages to people using this (beyond the ability to bring the bling time and again, but frankly that’s just wealth redistribution against the wrong enemies).  The only time the advantage does get truly oppressive is when it is played out on the macro scale.  Were PL to drop a truly mammoth amount of cash to replace their whole fleet, only more so, and bring in other folks to do the same to tilt the balance, it would certainly be possible to do so, but… well… I doubt how sustainable it would be for them (if they can sustain it, more power to them, maybe they can fund some better expansions).  This is the trap of the prejudices of the MMO industry.

EvE has built this article of faith that everything is worth money.  That the money in game is directly tied to real money.  The connection is tenuous, it goes only in one direction, and it can very quickly change, so that this battle, that today represented roughly $300k in a very indirect way, will next year represent a much smaller figure, and in a few more years represent an even smaller figure.  The wars of EvE have a context, and the context isn’t the wealth destroyed, but the bonds broken.  The creation and destruction of alliances and coalitions, the betrayals, and the battles.  Not the almighty dollar.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can


Thanks to some considerable success at work I’ll soon be coming into a good chunk of money, part of which I plan on using to buy plex.  BTW thanks PL for dropping the value of PLEX.  I hope you will consider my need to make isk before you whelp your next fleet of Titans.

Seriously though, I should have about as much isk as I have ever had, finally giving in and briefly being a wallet warrior.  There’s quite a few things I plan on buying, and I’d like to throw out the list to see what suggestions I can get from the peanut gallery.  So here we go

  1. Naglfar – Always been my favorite dread just for the aesthetics.  The fact that it’s total FOTM adds considerably to my desire to pull the trigger
  2. Black Ops BS – Leaning towards the Panther, but entertaining the thought of a Sin.  Anyone care to advise me on which hangar queen is most desirable?
  3. Fittings for 1 and 2.  Honestly I’ve been looking at a lot of Nag fits and it almost seems like you want 2 or 3 full sets of fittings depending on what you are doing, is that correct or am I just seeing the most fail killmails.
  4. A solid warchest of money to engage in arbitrage.  I have never really figured out a good income stream for EvE, but this seems like something I can do before work, and that I can do more or less on my own.  I’ve tried missions, incursions, and while I can do them, it just doesn’t seem that good.  I know there’s not a lot of great routes still out there but it seems like eve-central can make even humble old me do a decent job on trading.
  5. ALL THE T1 CRUISERS.  Seriously I’m about ready to fit up 10 from each race, load them into a carrier and jump them into lowsec.  Even if I lose them in job lots I can just start over if I’m making a decent amount of money on #4.
  6. The alliance shopping list.  Every alliance has one, I figure as long as I’m hitting the candy aisle I can pick up the veggies.

I’m mainly looking for opinions on 1-4.  I could in theory drop into any dread but the Phoenix because… fuck the Phoenix.  I *like* the nag, it’s powerful, versatile, and most importantly: Vertical.  I could be sold on the Rev (I figure being the toughest guy in a small gang has its advantages) and ditto on the Moros (still versatile, and who doesn’t like stupidly large damage numbers) but I’m leaning nag.

For BLOPS, there seem to be a lot of choices.  The Panther has the Minmatar advantages of speed, and a total lack of Cap dependency, The Sin gives you a swiss army knife if you go gunless in the highs, or a solid beatstick if you shield tank it, and throw down with guns and damage mods, The redeemer has the tank and I always love firin’ mah lazors.  Ripard’s Widow fit looks like the FOTM and a good one at that.

Obviously fittings are important.  Both of the above ships will be the first I’ve had in their respective categories.  I’m trying to avoid my tradition of losing the first ship in any given category within a week, which has held true for everything except carriers and command ships.  Seriously.  I need to not be losing these.

Finally money making.  I am terribad at this.  It’s embarrassing.  The most success I ever had was manufacturing T3s.  This required a lot of moving parts, and while I was quite good at it, and made boatloads of money, a lot of my profit came because I was freeloading on someone else’s POS for R&D and manufacturing.  Not really an option at the moment.  I also had a couple embarrassments when it came to transportation.  Most of these were “You left the epoxy in Jitamart asshat” but one of them was of the “Hey the gankers figured out your schedule asshat” variety.  I actually own a researched Archon BPO, and I could probably be doing copies of that just on the side, but without the component BPCs I’m not hardly making a lot of money on that end, even with them I’m not sure about the profitability of the beast these days.

So I throw it to you long-suffering readers.  I should have a good load of isk.  What to do with it?

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

Case in Point

Ok, this is just fucking embarrassing.  Seriously who the HELL let this one through.  I’m gonna quote it in its entirety because… well… it’s not a lot.

EVE Online is known for its epic battles. Not only did last Monday see the biggest EVE battle to date, but the developers and players have already started work on a monument to remember the event.

The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, as the battle is now known, will be commemorated in game with the Titanomachy monument, constructed from the wrecked models of the brand new Titan ship introduced with Rubicon’s 1.1 release (coincidentally right after that battle). The permanent monument site will live around the seventh planet in the B-R5RB solar system and is already expected to be a pilgrimage destination for many players.

You can read a complete recap of the Bloodbath of B-R5RB on the most recent dev diary, and be sure to tune in today at 19:00 UTC (2:00 p.m. EST) for a developer livestream discussing the event and Rubicon 1.1′s release.

First a bit of a quibble.  Developers are doing the work on the monument.  Players don’t exactly have a ton of input beyond some suggestions from the CSM.

Let’s look at the real lowlight:

constructed from the wrecked models of the brand new Titan ship introduced with Rubicon’s 1.1 release (coincidentally right after that battle).

So wait.  The monument will be made of the wrecks of the brand new Titans.  The ones introduced in 2013′s Rubicon expansion.  Not the Titans from 2005′s Red Moon Rising expansion.

There’s two possibilities here.  The first is that Shawn Schuster simply doesn’t play EvE, has no experience with it, and is unaware that Titans have a tremendously long and infamous history in-game.  This would seem to have some weight to it because, well, 74 Titans got blowed up in and around B-R, which would be really awkward if they were introduced the day after the battle.  Second that he or his editor changed some words around and instead of talking about the new wreck models, put the word new in front of Titans.  In which case the editor should be fired.  Out of a cannon.  Into the sun.

Even more than Brendan’s tone-deaf rants, characterized by an even narrower scope and vision than my own toilet-paper roll view of EvE, this kind of writing goes beyond “Stringer” and into “Silly String”.  Gamers tend to take their games seriously, and having someone who simply knows nothing about the game write about it (which I believe to be the case judging by his writing history with Massively) is unacceptable.  I’m not saying that Shawn is a bad writer.  It’s actually a bit hard to judge him based on what he seems to be called on to write, but asking him to write about EvE does him a tremendous disservice.  It’s like sending a blind man to explore a mine field.

If Massively is going to rely on Copy/Pasting links and writing 150 word summaries they can at least spend another 5 minutes to provide ACCURATE 150 word summaries.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

Massively Irrelevant

So I noticed the other day that Massively had missed a small story.  It concerned EvE Online.  And it concerned a battle you probably haven’t heard of.  The one where SEVENTY FIVE FUCKING TITANS DIED.  I looked for it, and I looked back and noticed that their coverage has been… very… meh.  I took to twitter and had pointed out to me by @Noizygamer that  Massively doesn’t cover in-game events in EvE.

Um.  What… The… Fuck…

Seriously what’s the point?  CCP Has twitter, facebook, all the social media stuff.  What’s the point of having people presumably being paid to write about EvE.  The problem is they either aren’t allowed to talk about the actual game, or they simply choose not to.  And that’s not ok.  That’s like a food critic going to a restaurant and talking about the kitchen utensils, the wait staff, and the decor, and what kind of restaurant it is, but not mentioning anything about the actual food.  WTF are they paying you for.   Their opinion pieces are tolerable, but I’d much rather see someone giving Mord Fiddle money to write more, or Ripard Teg, or Rixx, or Noizy, and hell while I’m giving other people’s money away I can always use some.

Massively is a neat website, and one I like to check often, but I rarely find a reason to actually hit a story, because… well… they don’t write stories.  They gloss over things, they pass by things, but half the time I’m clicking into a story it’s to go straight to the bottom and click through to the source material because all they seem to do is rehash the source.  That’s not reporting.  I’d rather have an RSS feed that was smart enough to find new MMOs for me when I get bored of EvE.

But as long as we’re talking about what they DO provide, well lets look at some Op Eds.

Brendan Drain’s latest - His research is shoddy, his ideas are stale, and his writing is bare bones.  (Seriously, there were financials put out twice last year.  BRENDAN YOU ARE GETTING PAID TO DO THIS AND I’M NOT!  If you want to report the information you have to dig to find it, and if you did you’d find out their subscription revenue is still increasing - page 9 at the bottom)

I’m just gonna link Fiddler’s Edge because… well… I have no interest in being fair.  Mord has Brendan beaten like a rented mule.  When he talks about details, he has his ducks in a row.

Who do you think deserves a paying job doing this.  Brendan or Mord?  Who would make their company more relevant.  Most importantly: who wants to read more stories that just rehash a press release?

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

Droning Away

So CCP has decided to point the finger at drones for HED.  Maybe not the whole finger, but a big part of, shall we say… a central one?

Seriously, drones have been a problem for a while, and it’s not news to most EvE grognards.  Drones have become the new missiles.  The system that stands out as a huge problem.  I’m pretty sure I know what the solution will be.  Drones will be launched and operate as a single element.  Ships will only be able to carry full drone groups.  These drones will do, and take damage as single elements, and have capabilities based on what are now full groups.

This would have a lot of ramifications.  An absolute ton.  The 75m3 mixed group would be… interesting to say the least.  Drone cycling, where you swap out singlets that are taking damage for ones that are undamaged, would go away completely.  Ships with multiple drone groups could consider it, but as is, the somewhat irritating.  In cap fights the wings of fighters and bombers can cause staggering amounts of lag.  Compressing these huge groups from dozens per ship, quickly scaling to thousands in the large null battles, to 1 per ship would be a huge boon to the poor, long-suffering hamsters trying frantically to keep up with the fleets of New Eden.

This will change a lot of things.  It will dumb down the game.  It will change how a lot of modules work.  Especially on carriers and supercarriers.  Smartbombing drones will have to be done very differently.  The drones skill itself will change a lot, as you will either be able to launch a full flight, or no drones.

I don’t actually have too many problems with this, in some ways it’s dumbing down the game, but I suspect that it can be used to bring new players into drone combat faster, letting them launch flights of T1 light drones pretty quickly, where I see the most trouble is figuring out a way to keep DCUs useful.  Brute force could be used, just adding a damage bonus that gets the stacking penalty for other DCUs, but not for DDAs.  I do like the simplification that this change would represent, not only would it clean up the overview, (and formations of drones/fighters flying around could offer a really neat visual should CCP try that) but it would dramatically simplify the back end of large battles.  Rather than calculating the position of thousands and thousands of drones you just calculate a max of one drone flight / ship on the field.  This would cut the contribution to lag by a huge amount for each drone boat, and even more for carriers and supers.

This isn’t a panacea.  This will not fix every issue currently plaguing large battles in EvE.  It does remove some gameplay elements; but I, personally, don’t think that those elements are hugely important to the game, and their removal in the name of streamlining what has become partly responsible for the catastrophic lag in large battles, with thousands of players involved.

I suspect that this is getting a long look in Iceland, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find the CSM had been consulted on this idea.  Even as a complete off-the-cuff issue.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

The Issue With Numbers

So we had another big battle, this time in HED.  The good news:  Numbers were great and the node didn’t crash.  The bad news:  Soul Crushing Lag.

Solving this problem has to happen.  I see three ways to do it, and I think all three should be implemented.

First I’m going to do the inane thing and talk about why real life battles don’t turn into the Command & Conquer blob of Mammoth Tanks overrunning the objectives.

First: there’s logistics.  EvE doesn’t worry too much about these, but in real life the supply “tail” behind a potent force in the field, or even a not-very-potent force is often as large, or larger, than the force actually in the field.  All the fuelers, armorers, maintenance, admin, command, supply, cooks, and medical personnel represent a much smaller wedge than in EvE.

Second: In real life you have to worry about area of effect weapons.  Especially if you are against us.  Whether it’s DPICM, JDAM, or any of the menu of cluster munitions NATO forces can use, putting a bunch of tanks within a 300m area… not smart.  Clustering infantry in the open?  The gunners are drooling.  Even the insurgents came up with some innovative ways to punish allied forces when they got too predictable.  EvE has smartbombs, but these only work well up to a certain point.  Really all they do is murder support, and even Battleships can usually escape to wreak havoc.  Not to mention the server lag caused by these tactics.

Third:  Economy of Force, there’s always competing objectives.  There’s a need to protect your own supply lines, your centers of power, strategic terrain that threatens your forces, if you stack up your entire force, the enemy can do massive damage to your own forces and or infrastructure without even engaging your combat elements.

One of these (Logistics/Divisional Wedge) doesn’t really apply in EvE.  Almost any nullbear can fly something useful in a fleet and isn’t busy running munitions, fuel, other supplies etc to the front.  Back in the dark ages you used to have to warp off grid to the logi tower where all the logis hugged up and topped up your armor and sent you back in.  Yes this was a thing.  Even that rudimentary tail has been eliminated (thankfully, I can’t IMAGINE how dull that must have been).

We’ll replace that one with hardware/software upgrades that bring CCP closer to being able to handle battles like this.  This won’t actually fix the problem, because as soon as it happens more players will fight in these battles and the problem comes right back, but we can keep running on the wheel a bit here.  This is also probably the most straightforward leg of the solution.

Area of Effect weapons that threaten overly concentrated fleets.  Whether it’s better smartbombs, nukes a la Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Device, or something similar, the solution to the blob is a weapon aimed at the blob.  Hell let titans script their doomsdays.  Maybe not the full grid demolishing AoE, but a smaller, more concentrated (say 20km) area of death.  Like 200k of damage death. Oh you have your whole fleet anchored up on one guy?  STBY brah.  Oh 20 carriers in one little cluster?  The titans just salvo’d them into structure for the support to finish off.  Good luck.  Sure this will cause spikes of lag on the server, but it will make FCs think twice about bringing every asshole who can only anchor up and F1.  It might force them to bring in fleets in waves.  They might find entirely different ways of operating.

Finally:  Competing objectives.  Make it possible for defenders to force additional objectives in that system or neighboring systems.  For example the TCU, IHUB and Station all have to be down at the same time, and all run on the same timers, rather than in sequence.  Or if you take a system in a constellation, you can only do it once a week/month, whatever, BUT you can take as many as you want as long as they come out of reinforced within 24 hours of each other.  Something to incentivize spreading out.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can


We’re Not That Bad (For People Who Plan to Shoot You in the Face)

Over at The Ancient Gaming Noob, Wilhelm Arcturus posits that EvE has A Horrible Community, but no more horrible than any other

I’d say we aren’t bad.  We’re just drawn that way.  In actuality EvE has the most helpful community you will ever see.

Wilhelm argues that we will:  Scam you, Steal from you, Suicide Gank you, shoot you for any reason or none at all, taunt you, torment you, and generally treat you with absolute disdain.

Which, of course, we will.

We will also educate you, give you free stuff, provide resources of critical importance to your success, mentor you, train you, and help you to not only meet your goals, but figure out what the hell they should be to begin with.  Often while shooting you in the face.

Look at organizations like EvE University or Brave Newbies.  Find me an equivalent in WoW.  If you’ve never seen how Goons treats their newbros you really should.  What they lack in consistency they make up for in enthusiasm.  Look at resources like EvE-HQ, Evemon, EFT, Aura, The ISK Guide, Dotlan, Evewho, Eve-central.  The list goes on.  Most games have a talent builder, maybe a (Developer provided) character viewer, maybe some 3rd party forums.  A handful of blogs.  The amount of content provided by and for players is astounding.  Especially when you realize that, with 5% of World of Warcraft’s playerbase there is far more in the way of resources, tools, organizations, and general help available to get people playing the game and enjoying it.

Part of that is the fact that there is a demand for it.  EvE wouldn’t exist if not for the efforts of the players to provide essential resources and services to the playerbase.  Frankly if another company left this much undone in their game, the game wouldn’t exist.  EvE needs a lot of this support, not all of it, but most of these resources are offered for no cost.

This isn’t to say that EvE is a united front of hugging and cuddles.  Horrible things do happen, planned with malice aforethought, but that isn’t the community, it’s the game.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can

Enticement to Play

One of the things that I think makes the game exceptionally bad for new players is: it’s very unrewarding to new players.  You just don’t feel like you are getting a lot done.  There’s a reason for that.  You aren’t.  This shouldn’t be a huge surprise, EvE is a game where everyone contributes to the same sandbox, and plays in the mess that results.  New players probably shouldn’t have as much impact as older, more committed bittervets.  They simply haven’t contributed enough to enjoy the unique fruits of EvE.

That being said there’s no reason to punish them by making them sit and wait for SP to tick up until they can do something worth actually doing.  Another important observation:  Skillpoints are worth FAR more to new players than they are to someone with 100m + SP.  If you gave me a choice between 1m SP for Corelin, or 100k each for the two alts on his account I’d take the 200k and be delighted.  Seriously.  I have no idea what to do for Corelin next.  Meanwhile, as Ripard Teg points out, there’s a ton of stuff a new character has to learn to be useful.  Well, there’s a ton of stuff a new PLAYER has to learn too.  Eliminating core skills would just allow everyone to alt up that much faster, which definitely invokes Malcanis’ law.  Now let me try to avoid it.

Reward all players with SP relevant to the activity they are doing.  Firing guns?  Bonus SP applied to any gunnery skill.  Hit the afterburners?  Navigation time!  Jumping/warping/flying your ship?  Hey spaceship command got some love!  This rewards players for logging in and doing things.  Buying and selling a lot gets you some Trade skills, slogging away at inventions helps science skills, setting up colonies for PI.

This would be a tremendous boon for new players.  It would reward them for doing what we want them to do anyway, getting in the game, flying around and interacting. This also allows them to expand their capabilities faster.  Frankly a character that is zooming around, using systems and  gaining experience SHOULD learn faster than a character who is never even logged in.  How much faster I leave to CCP, but I think looking at systems like Perpetuum or Battlestar Galactica Online, where SP either accumulates and/or is earned, and THEN is allocated as needed, I find the EvE system to be somewhat lacking.  What’s even better is allocating the accumulated XP would frankly be rewarding, think about spending a fair amount of time playing according to the way you want, and having 50k or so SP built up to drop on a couple supporting skills you really weren’t looking forward to training, without interrupting your quest for that shiny new ship.

And no, you don’t get backdated experience for all your frantic clicking.  Neither do you need it frankly.

I'm using it every time I can

I’m using it every time I can



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