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It’s like Christmas in December…  Wait what?  FIRST:  Go to Mabrick’s Mumblings and read his post.  I was going to merely comment but I realized I was 2/3 of the way through a blog post so I figured to make a post out of it anyway.

Losing your ship is part of EvE.  A big part.  I have lost a depressing number of ships.  Almost all of them avoidably.  Some of them were PvP losses, some of them were PvE.  A lot of them were “unintentional PvP.”  That is, I did something that resulted in me entering PvP without realizing what I’ve done.  Let me re-state some points I’ve made before.  There is a button in EvE that lets you choose whether or not to PvP.

Click on This and PvP is in Your Future!

Presumably duselduzi hit this at some point.  In fact we know he did so shortly before his domi met it’s fate.  When he did undock his domi he shot first.  The usual dance around the aggro timers happens and the Domi ends up shooting AGAIN and finally getting landed on by a very patient, but likely pissed-off Tengu.  The inevitable happened and the tears commenced.

This is as it should be.  EvE is a game of consequences.  Every player is told “Don’t Fly What You Cannot Afford to Lose” by everyone from the tutorials forward.  If this lesson takes losing a few ships so be it. You lose a ship and it’s gone unless it happened to some bizarre reason outside of game mechanics.

EvE is a game of elitism.  You get to prove you are better than people at it in a PvP arena with those consequences.  This is not the EvE online of 2007 where information was extremely hard to come by.  Stupidity costs isk, and it should, because ignorance is no excuse.  At all.

What makes this post even more of a laugher is the suggestion that people who kill players under 6 months should pay the insurance out of their wallet.  DUSELDUZI SHOT FIRST.  HAN DIDN’T WHINE, NEITHER SHOULD DUSELDUZI.  I looked at a friend of mine.  Yes I cherry-picked.  It’s my blog.  Deal with it.  Eljo123s’ 4th month in Eve he carved his way to an impressive 92% killboard efficiency.  Should the guys that killed him have paid his insurance for the 8 times he died that month?  And that’s his main.  If I took an alt out to PvP in the 6 months window I wouldn’t expect any favors.  Again, you consent to PvP by undocking.  Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec or Wormhole space it’s all the same, you risk blue explosions.  Everything else is just a matter of degrees.

EvE is a sandbox.  The sand is provided by the efforts of players.  There’s a few rides, and sand factories that the players use to make sand, but to change the reimbursement of duselduzi’s loss would change the nature of the beast.  Now his sand is being replaced with someone elses because duselduzi chose to consent to pvp.  Several times.  Now he gets a free ride and AKeeFa  suffers for being good at the game.  Sounds asinine to me.

Does it suck that duselduzi lost his shiny domi, with faction repper and got scammed for isk.  Oh yeah.  That hurts.  Was all of that avoidable?  One.  Hundred.  Percent.  CCP advertises that you can’t trust anyone in the game.  This game exists for a niche audience.  I don’t want the WoW kiddies to flood the gates and whine their way to a carebear friendly EvE.  I want people who aren’t afraid to shoot and know how to lose with some dignity.  EvE could certainly grow faster with a more “Carebear friendly” attitude and more generous ship reimbursement policies.  But it would not be EvE anymore.  It would be taking sand out of the sandbox and putting in rides.  It’s one thing to add rides, it’s another to remove sand.

As to Mabrick’s suggestion that the CSM should push his idea?  I may joke that this has been Ankh’s last CSM rather than Mitten’s first, but I am fairly sure that that is not the case.  This CSM would laugh that idea out of the water.  And they should.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. Well said. I had read the post on MM before, considered replying, then realized I cba. Glad somebody that isn’t as lazy as me still has a clear mind in this game.

  2. No issues with the thrust of the post. I certainly agree with that. Click “Undock” at your own risk. My only problem, such as it is, resides with the ninja involved – reading down in, we find the guy offered and accepted a ransom, and then failed to honor it.

    Now, personally, I’m not terribly liable to offer a ransom. If I wanna see your ship blow up, I wanna see it blow up, and enjoy the kill mail and whatever tears may come. I don’t need the money; I’d rather have the notoriety. Besides, I’m probably just too busy working for that blue flash to talk with you anyway. And if I don’t particularly care to blow your ship up (a rarity, I admit), lucky you. I’m also not terribly liable to agree to a ransom myself, if I’m bound to be caught. Take your pretty explosion and whatever you can salvage; that’s all you’re getting, and don’t forget to be thankful you were the better/luckier pilot that day.

    Maybe it’s me. I just find it asshattery is all. A good kill and good tears otherwise soured by unnecessary stupidity. I’d guess the ninja doesn’t think so. After all, Duselduzi put himself in position for the ninja to be an asshat in the first place. Dusel’s tough luck.

    Whatever, it IS EvE after all.

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention. I had no doubt this is the way you’d feel (and many other PVPers.) That’s okay. I understand. But heck, someone has to speak for the rest. Keep up the blogging, I enjoy it very much. Have a great New Year!

    • I think if anything it should point out more how the game is a Multiplayer PvP game. He’s in a corp, that is in an alliance which has a pretty respectable killboard, certainly enough that he should have been able to ask for help or guidance with a reasonable surety of getting something. The real failure shouldn’t be put on the pilot, who was merely taking advantage of an opportunity, but on the pilot for not asking for help, and his alliance for not making sure he knew what he was getting into.

  4. Read Mabrick’s post and this one.
    Ninja dishonored a ransom, but obvious hisec ninja is obvious, and wouldn’t trust one for a ransom as far as I could throw that Tengu.

    His suggested “Robin Hood” mechanic is well, nothing short of absolutely ridiculous, and there’s absolutely NO WAY that anyone would EVER roll up a few throwaway alts to make “perfectly fair” use of it, I’m sure. Nobody in EvE would EVER do that. Heh.

    Short of making hisec where you can’t use AE modules, and can only target red crosses, there will be people who figure out the mechanics and use them to their advantage. Just how it is. These assholes also have a real-world corollary: LAWYERS. And just like RL, the only way you fight them is by boning up on the laws [mechanics] and trying to twist them round to fit YOUR advantage.
    That, or you just go to a country with fewer laws… lowsec/South American banana republic, or nullsec/Somalia. Just saying.

    In short, hisec bears want WoW in space, I want hisec beaten with a nerfbat til it’s lyin comatose in the hospital on life support with no hope of recovery (risk vs reward, after all — bears want all the rewards of low and null with ZERO risk, I say fuck no). And so the balance is maintained. lol. For now anyways.

  5. I know: force the tutorial on brand new accounts and include a “Kobiyashi Maru” mission in it, where the player gets blown up after trusting some mission guy. 😛

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