Obligatory SiSi Post

Played around on SiSi when I could finally get on it.  I have to say the art team has done some damn good work.  The missile effects are sexy.  How sexy?  I’m about ready to trade Cloaky Loki for a Tengu to run around in null and sec back up.  It’s that good.  Didn’t have time the chance to try out the new modules, as they aren’t seeded.

The shield booster looks pretty bad.  It uses cap charges (X-Large can fit 6 Navy Cap Booster 400s) yet it has an activation cost of 470 GJ?  Does it inject cap and activate at the same time?  It boosts for 490 HP every 4s, the base T1 is 450 every 5 so a definite edge there. The problem?  It fits 6 navy cap 400s.  3 800s.  Once those are consumed?  60s reload time.  Also:  it runs your dog over in the street.  Those 60 second reloads are an eternity in a fight.  You will be dead and gone unless you are kiting so well you are taking practically no damage.

Oh and then there’s the inventory.  I can’t decide if I love this so much I’m giving up women or if I hate it so much I’m going to build a giant cannon and barrage CCP headquarters from central Iowa.  There is SO much info but it’s compressed.  There’s ONE sheet.  Like this:

Want to move something around?  Drag and drop, it highlights the bay you will drop it to (thank god) and updates the estimated price down in the lower right.  The filters are neat too.  I should check that out in m Jitamart hangar with one of m indy alts.  The one quibble I have so far, and it is a minor one, is to say that the Amarr T1 ship icons look very old school.  Like pre-trinity.

Also I want to buy all those ships for 9,580,000 isk. Contract them to me Aunenenenen please?

That’s a minor quibble.  Really minor.  The ships themselves look very nice and VERY tough.  The Golden Fleet is here for business, not partying.  Now for the part you want.  Missile spam.

and one more

Seriously I don’t care how badly missiles suck.  With these effects I’m using them.

Anyway next time I play around on SiSi, maybe they’ll remember to seed the modules next time so I can see how evil my AFK mission Domi is.  Also I should throw around some wardecs to see at least how THAT part works.  Someone else on SiSi want to throw a dec on Fancy Hats there so we can play with it a bit?

I’m using it every time I can

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