Well That’s Different

So CCP has put in a module that will change blob warfare, and I think opens the door to a concept I think is LONG overdue.  From today’s Dev Blog

MagSheath Target Breaker I – Mid slot. A module that has a chance of breaking the lock of ships targeting you, the chance increases the more ships target you at one time. Also breaks your locks. Reduces scan resolution significantly as a downside. Only one can be fitted at a time and the can not be fitted to capital ships.

Well then…. that should change things a tiny bit.  Blobbing people with tons of cheap ships suddenly gets less effective.  Smaller fleets of more capable ships with better pilots become preferable to huge blobs in some circumstances.  What circumstances those are depend a lot on how widespread the module is, and the hard numbers on exactly how easily it breaks locks as numbers go up.

First thought – 20-30 close range gank ships can use this module to really go to town on large blobs.

Second thought – Logis will HATE this.  Soon as someone pops that mod they had better broadcast for reps because there’s no discrimination between friendly locks and hostile locks.

What’s going to make a big difference is how common the module is.  At first it will command a princely sum, how long that lasts depends a lot on how common the BPC drops.  I won’t go in to how bizarre it is to not have BPOs for this item, but having it as a drop for a while might be fun.  I might even run a few profession sites.  Or not.  If this ship shows up only on the specialists, like Arazus, Rapiers, (or Lachs and Huggy bears) then it won’t affect much in the game, if it shows up on Drakes and other line-of-battle ships, expect some shifts in the fundamental nature of fleet composition.

If it’s only on small ships then you will get “Hit Squads” of small, skills players flying faster ships to go in and assassinate people against whom the massed firepower of the fleet may not be effective anymore.  This actually sounds really cool, not sure how well it would play out in real life.

If it shows up on every shitfit drake in a 400 man fleet… well the other guy might go with a smaller fleet equally heavily supported with these modules and try to carve apart the larger fleet using their own numbers against them.   Also might make escaping ganks easier in PvE ships.  Heck might be a fun module for PvE ships in general if it works against rats.  At the very least provides a somewhat reliable GTFO button.

No matter what this module ends up doing it signals a clear sign that CCP is pushing back against the Blob.  I’m glad to see it, but I think it brings another problem into focus.  Discriminating between “Friendly” and “Hostile” locks.

In modern aviation and even in ground combat vehicles transmit their location and information to friendly units and commanders through transponders of one sort or another.  This potentially reduces or eliminates friendly fire and allows friendly assets to support each other without making the enemy’s job easier.  In EvE if you want to assist your buddy with reps or such you have to lock him.  There is no difference between locking your buddy in one of the (currently outdated) RRBS gangs and locking onto a hostile.  The same mechanics applied for friendly or hostile targets.  This is… well… unusual.  If I was designing a system in an environment where the safety of my ship was likely to depend on friendlies being able to target me, I’d include something in the transponder code to “boost” my signature to people in fleet, allowing them to lock faster.  Additionally targets locked that are friendly should show on a separate bar stacked below or to the side of the normal one, depending on orientation.  The “selected target” should NEVER jump bars.  This would allow ships that use both offensive and defensive modules (carriers, Domis, bad scimitar fits, RRBS if they ever come back into fashion) to quit whoring in on their buddies KMs, and encourage supporting modules in fleets that could benefit from them.

I’m using it every time I can

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  1. This is actually a huge buff to blobs. All a large fleet has to do now is lock up its recons, logi, and other soft targets to boost the strength of the burst and they are made unkillable.

  2. On the test server I believe it can only be fit on Battleship-size hulls…

  3. SoniClover mentioned that it would also break *your own* locks. I don’t know if he meant the user themselves (which is how I read it) or just friendlies who are also locking you, but if it’s the former then that combined with the scan res penalty will make it fairly useless in combat.

    It will however be great for running large gatecamps where you can rely on a large number of ships to lock you up. Also unlike since this isn’t an AoE weapon like the ECM burst, you should be able to use it in hisec without getting concordokkened!

  4. OK so straight shit from SiSi:
    Can be fitted to Cruiser and up-sized hulls only.
    Breaks all locks on you, breaks all locks you currently have. Doesn’t affect anyone else’s locks, and doesn’t prevent them from immediately re-locking you or anyone else.
    80% (yes, EIGHTY PERCENT) scan res nerf when module is equipped.

    So, what’s the use of this thing?
    If you want to break locks and KEEP the bad guys from immediately re-targeting you or someone else, you still need ECM Burst. <— and actually that gives me a great idea. 😉
    Really the only thing I can think of this being "viable" is for a bait-ship, or large-fleet FCs for when they get primaried.

    My vote? CCP is being :CCP: again. On the list of "fancy schmancy new mods" from their devblog, the only one that I actually think makes sense from a "story/universe" POV AND would actually be useful is the drone damage mod. For the longest time I'd wondered why there wasn't one… though the T1 version only gives +12% damage, and T2 +15% damage, and there are no meta versions. +15% on a Myrm or Domi might be significant and good….not so sure bout the utility of the damage mod on any other ships though. :-/

    • I see this being more of a GTFO button. If you are primaried and reps aren’t helping you hit this while spamming warp. If you get out, great, if you don’t oshucks.

      • Right, but at least in null (Where the Blobby Things Are — and ostensibly what this module is made to “undo” lol) there’s such an emphasis right now on “alpha” doctrines to KEEP logis from being able to realize who’s gonna be primaried next, and blast someone off the field before they can get reps… or simply overwhelm the reps with a single blast of concentrated firepowah.
        Also, the -80% res nerf means that by the time your ship locks the bad gais, it’ll be blown off the field and we’re moving on to the next primary. I imagine some SERIOUS Maka-RAAAEEEGGG!!! will ensue if he discovers anyone other than an FC or designated person has fitted this module to their ship during an op… and rightly so.

        To the guy below: As for using it on an Occator — remember that the likelihood of it working scales with how many ships are targeting you. 2 or 3 yellowboxes I suspect will have a _very_ low “jam” chance — after all, this is the Module to End Nullsec Blobfests, where you have 2 256-slot fleets FULL and a 3rd with maybe a hundred or so more in it…
        Also it doesn’t prevent your enemies from immediately re-locking you like an ECM burst does, so an insta-locking ship will still be able to immediately re-target you, and with a 10+ second align, I guarantee you just about anything will be able to grab you again. Problem not solved.

        Best bet still is just skilling up ECM support skills and throwing an ECM Burst on it. With all V ECM skills it’ll reach out to almost 20KM optimal + falloff, and have straight 9s across the board jam strength, almost guaranteed to get any frigate tackle off you, plus they’ll be jammed out for 20s.
        Then again, I’m fairly sure lighting one of those off “aggresses” you, so no burning back to the gate, and hope you have a longer than 1m warp to the far gate — or have a safespot or off-grid “pounce” before you go to the next gate.

      • @Hong – I think that might be debatable. Lighting an ECM Burst in high or low gets you a GCC if it hits anything else beside the vessel/s red-boxing you. Which makes it a not-so-good option in high at the very least, since all it’s liable to do is change who gets the final blow on you. I would argue that ANY chance – and this new mod would give you better than none, even if it’s low – is better than 100% assured destruction. Although you’re right that the timing of aligns and lock-ups is not in favor.

    • I think we’ll find the drone damage mod has potential on many drone-majority boats. The Rattlesnake should benefit certainly on the PVE side (we just don’t see many in PVP), as should the Ishtar and Gila (which of course do see common pvp use). Marginal but possibly worth experimenting with would be the Mega, Typhoon and Armageddon – i.e. ships which can dump out 5 x heavy combat drones. They all have at least some potential for it, and additional low slots that one might see it put into. Where you’d have to question it, I think, is for ships like the Ishkur and Worm, where you’re extremely slot-limited due to the nature of frigate-hulls.

      Re: the lock-breaker – a ship that _immediately_ comes to mind as potentially benefiting from this is the Deep Space Transport class (Corelin’s GTFO button writ large). You really don’t care about locking stuff up with a DST, but you sure want to leave areas unmolested. If the lock-breaker gives you enough time to get into warp and avoid the suicide gank, it’ll be worth its weight in tech. Might be in the running for other industrial/mining ships, as well. Those applications are where I see the most potential utility, not so much on combat ships.

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