Warmahordes Wednesday: Not to Fifty!

So yesterday was to be Warmahordes day.  Didn’t happen as I got busy and distracted so I didn’t get to play my cookie-cutter pGaspy list.  Instead I settled in to paint gaspy.  Clear the desk, lay out the paints.  Find the mini.  Plan out the scheme.  Lay out the paints in a more organized manner.  Find the brushes.  No, find them.  You know you put them in a safe place before you cleaned everything out.  Just find them.  GRAAAAAAAAH go pick up D to get her rental car for snowmageddon.  Take a while driving all over.  Come back.  Find brushes and give up and go to sleep.

WHILE I was driving all over I was thinking about the current condition of games in my area.  Basically “Go Big or Go Home” drives the current meta.  With tournaments being a very frequent event, practically every game is played in the 50-point steamroller format, and I think that that is a shame.  The big reason is it’s hard for me to learn in games that big, and relatively slow-paced.  The second reason is I don’t feel like I’m missing something bringing 50 points to the table.  I don’t particularly like the Cryx Colossus, it seems to mostly be there, and while it is undoubtedly powerful, I just feel like I can get a lot more for the points.  Beyond that when I pick 50 points I get to the end and just think “Ok, 3 points left, now what?”  50 points feels bloated.  Even Count Rougan agrees.


To me, a skirmish game should be small, and Warmahordes is supposedly about jacks and beasts.  When you bring in tons of troops, as is inevitable in 50 points games, the game loses a lot of its distinctive flavor as no caster can run a 50 points army with a ton of jacks, the focus/fury management just isn’t there.  At 25 points I feel like I can run jack heavy in most scenarios with some casters, infantry heavy with others, and at 35 you can run some interesting mixes, but you will have to decide what your list will look like.  At 50 points I feel like I’m just putting in filler at the end.

Now to be fair my experience is 100% with Cryx at any scale above battle boxes.  Other armies may feel more restricted trying to get the perfect combination and then support it right.  Now I’m still a doormat on a GOOD day, hoping to hold out long enough for that crazy assassination run.  However, at the same time, I don’t feel my army selection is terribly flawed, I just don’t know all the tricks to the game yet.  Hopefully I can find some small to mid sized games before mid March when there’s a tourney scheduled to get me some skill at the game.  Or maybe I’ll just luck into an assassination.

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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